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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1800-1899 1900-1972 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2003

1800s   [Back to Top]

1836 J. B. Wolters founds the Schoolbook Publishing Company in Groningen.
1858 P. Noordhoff establishes Noordhoff publishing house.
1886 Nicolaas Samson leaves civil service to run his publishing business full time.

Ebele E. Kluwer publishes his first textbook.


1900-1972   [Back to Top]

1920 Kluwer expands to Jakarta, Indonesia, to provide books for the Dutch-speaking populace there.
1954 Republic of Indonesia prohibits importation of Indonesia language books.

Indonesia nationalizes J.B. Wolters-Djarkata

1968 Schoolbook (now known as J. B. Wolters) merges with Noordhoff to add educational and vocational titles.
1970 Samson publishing merges with A.W. Sijthoff to form Information and Communications Union (ICU).
1972 Wolters-Noordhoff merges with the ICJ, which publishes periodicals and books for the administrative market, and takes its name


1980-1989   [Back to Top]

1983 ICU changes its name to Wolters-Samson.
1987 Kluwer merges with Wolters-Samson to fend off hostile take over bid by Elsevier; the new entity is called Wolters Kluwer.

Wolters Kluwer sells Bert Bakker and Martinus Nijhoff International

1989 Wolters Kluwer purchases IPSOA Editore of Italy, Kieser Verlag of Germany, Technipublicaciones of Spain and Tele Consulte of France.


1990-1999   [Back to Top]

1990 Wolters Kluwer purchases J.B. Lippincott and Company from HarperCollins for in excess of $250 million. Medical publications go to Raven Press. Legal publications go to Aspen.
1995 Lippincott and Raven Press merged to form Lippincott-Raven Publishers
1996 Wolters Kluwer purchases tax and business materials publisher CCH, Inc., for $1.9 billion.

Wolters Kluwer purchases Little, Brown medical and legal division

1997 Wolters Kluwer purchases two divisions of the West Groups Information American unit and rolls them into CCH.
1998 Kluwer purchases Wiley Law Publications division from John Wiley and Sons for $26 million.
1998 Elsevier tries again to take over Wolters Kluwer, but the merger is foiled by divestments required to secure regulatory approval.
1998 Wolters Kluwer purchases Ovid Technologies for $200 million.
1998 Wolters Kluwer purchases Plenum Publishing.
1998 Wolters Kluwer purchases Waverly, Inc., for $375 million
1999 Wolters Kluwer purchases the Bureau of Business Practices from Pearson for $16 million.


2000-2003   [Back to Top]

2000 Wolters Kluwer acquires for $95 million to be made a part of Aspen Publishing.
2001 Wolters Kluwer purchases SilverPlatter Information, Inc., price not announced.
2001 Wolters Kluwer acquires Compliance International, Inc., and will be joined with legal publisher CCH.
2002 Wolters Kluwer sells Aspen Publishing Unit to Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
2002 Wolters Kluwer acquires Charles D. Spencer & Associates, a provider of business information. It will be included in the Aspen imprint at Wolters-Kluwer. Price was not announced.
2002 Wolter Kluwer acquires ABG Professional Information for 43.5 million pounds and will include it in CCH. Later National Media Technologies was acquired also for CCH.
2003 Wolters Kluwer sells Kluwer Academic Publishing to Candover and Cinven for $591 million, retains some stock interest in the company. The sale will be finalized in January, 2004.