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1977-2003   [Back to Top]

1977 Cinven Ltd is established. Firm is a venture capital investor in the European market.
1980 Candover Investments plc is established as a specialist in arranging and lading large buyouts and buyins.
1984 Candover Investments plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is structured as an investment trust.
January 2003 Candover and the 2001 Fund complete the buyout for Kluwer Academic Publishers from Kluwer for € 600 million . Cinven backs the buyout.
September 2003 Candover and Cinven acquire BertelsmannSpringer for € 1.1 billion. Candover and Cinven will merge its business with KAP, and the new entity will be known as Springer.
2003 Since 1980, Candover has invested in 119 deals with a total value of over € 24 billion.
January 2004 Derk Haank will take on the role of the new Springer Science + Business Media. Together the companies will publish 1,350 journals and more than 5,000 book titles with revenues of about € 880 million.