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Wood, Mrs. Henry.

Ellen Price was born in Worcestershire, England, January 17, 1814, the daughter of Thomas Price, a glove manufacturer in Worcester. She had curvature of the spine from childhood and was a semi-invalid. In 1836 she married Henry Wood, a banker and a member of the consular service, and until 1856 the couple lived abroad. In 1860 "Danesbury House," her first novel, was published. Her husband died in 1866, and in 1867 she became editor of The Argosy (English). She also contributed to Bentley's Miscellany, The New Monthly, Good Words, Once a Week, and other periodicals. She published about forty novels, more or less melodramatic, but in many cases of tedious length and rather commonplace. "East Lynne," one of her most successful novels, had considerable success when dramatized. She died of heart failure, February 10, 1887.

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Fireside Library. Nos. 142, 144

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