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Winwood, Rett.

"Rett Winwood" was a pen name of Frank Corey.(1) John Thomas Denny, a writer for English provincial journals, used the same name for a drama entitled "The Dead Letter," but finding that Corey had previously used it, changed his own pseudonym to "Brent Winwood."

For novels written under the name "Rett Winwood," see Corey.


1 William Cushing, Initials and Pseudonyms, New York, 1886, 324, 308, gives this pen name, as does also the Banner Weekly, No. 623; "Snakes in the Grass," a serial by "Rett Winwood," beginning in the September 9, 1872, issue of Saturday Night, was reprinted as by Frank Corey in the Fireside Companion, January 18, 1875; further, "Ethel Dreame," which appeared in the Family Story Paper under the name Winwood, reappeared in Westbrook's Heart Series as by Frank Corey.

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