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Waring, Marcus H.

"Marcus H. Waring" appears to have been one of Manning's pseudonyms, if we are to believe Patten's recollection that Manning wrote under the name "Ben D. Halliday," "Halliday" and "Jo Pierce" were pseudonyms of the same person, but a sequel to a story by "Waring" and announced under that name, later appeared as by "Jo Pierce."(1) According to this, Manning was "Halliday" who was "Jo Pierce" who was "Waring."

Until further evidence is uncovered, the novels by "Waring" are temporarily listed under the name of Manning.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 On February 3, 1892, "Foxy Fred, the Keener," by Marat H. Waring, appeared as Popular Library No. 45. No. 49 was announced as "Foxy Fred's Odd Pard," also by Waring. However, the Popular Library, whose authors were apparently all old Beadle writers under new pen names, ended with No. 48. Later, on May 3, 1892, "Foxy Fred's Odd Pard" appeared as Half-Dime Library No. 771, with the author's name given as "Jo Pierce." There seems to be no question about the second story being by the same author, for the title is the same and the principal characters, who all have unusual names, reappear. "Marcus H. Waring," therefore, seems to be "Jo Pierce," who, in turn (since Pierce is Halliday), was William H. Manning. The initials of the two names, M. H. W. and W. H. M., are the same, which was possibly intentional. †See also under the name William H. Manning in this supplement Manning's own list of his pen names.

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