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Warfield, Mrs. Catharine A.

Catharine Ann Ware, daughter of Nathaniel A. Ware and his wife Sarah Percy, was born in Natchez, Mississippi, June 6, 1816. She and her sister Eleanor (born 1820 and also a writer) were educated at home and later, after their mother became insane in 1820, in Philadelphia. They removed to Cincinnati and there, in 1833, she was married to Robert E. Warfield of Lexington, Kentucky, after which for a time they lived in the latter place and later in Paris, then a year or two in Galveston, Texas. In 1844 she and her sister published a volume of verse entitled "The Wife of Leon and Other Poems." The authors were given as "Two Sisters of the West,"(1) and in 1849 they published "The Indian Chamber and Other Poems." In 1857 the Warfields removed to the Pewee Valley, near Louisville, and here Mrs. Warfield wrote some ten volumes of fiction. "The House of Bouverie" was her first romance, published in 1860. It is a story based on an Elixir od Life. "The Romance of the Green Seal" followed in 1866. It was first published in Beadle's Monthly and then as one of the Fifty Cent Novels.

Mrs. Warfield died at her home in the Pewee Valley, May 21, 1877.

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1 Many biographical dictionaries speak of publications in the periodicals by the two Fuller sisters, Mrs. Frances F. Barritt and Mrs. Metta V. Victor, over the signature "The Sisters of the West." This was at a later date than that at which the Ware sisters were writing, and the statement is probably erroneous.

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