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Waverley Library (Octavo Edition)

BEGINNING on the 27th of May, 1884, the Waverley Library was reduced in size from a quarto to an octavo (Fig. 83). It has the same general appearance as the original edition but is only 8½ by 6 inches in size, untrimmed, and has 32 instead of 16 pages to the number. Like the larger edition, it has no wrappers, it appeared weekly on Tuesdays, and was sold for five cents.

The design of the heading is a reduced facsimile of the heading of the larger edition, and each novel, similarly, has only an illustration on the first page. Most of the novels are reprints of novels which had previously appeared in the quarto Waverleys, and the cover illustrations are zinc etchings made from the woodcuts of the original edition. A few illustrations differ from the originals, a new and more satisfactory drawing having been substituted.

Only 117 numbers were issued, the series ending on August 17, 1886.

Fig 83. The Octavo Waverley Library

Fig 83. The octavo Waverley Library
Between 1884 and 1886, 117 numbers appeared

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