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Vose, John Denison.

John Denison Vose, journalist, was a son of Lemuel and Mary Ann Vose. He was born in Westerly, Rhode Island, October 2, 1828, and died there at the home of his mother, August 11, 1881. He passed his boyhood days in Westerly, but as a young man went to New York where he spent most of his time as a journalist and as a Democratic politician, yet—mirabile dictu!— never cared to run for office. He wrote editorials for the New York Herald and other dailies, and for a few years in the early 1850's was editor and proprietor of the New York Picayune, an illustrated humorous weekly. He wrote humorous articles for this as well as other periodicals. At various times he was connected with the New York Dispatch and other weekly New York papers as editorial writer and reporter. He returned to Rhode Island a few years before his death and wrote for the Providence papers.

Beadle published one of his books under the title "B'hoys of Yale," which had previously appeared, under the title "Yale College Scrapes," in paper covers, issued by Dick and Fitzgerald about 1853. Among his other books were "Seven Nights in Gotham" and "Leaves from the Diary of a Broadway Dandy," published in 1852.

Vose was married in Westerly to Caroline R. Brown, May 7, 1857, and she and one son, John F. Vose, survived him.

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