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Tuel, John E.

John E. Tuel, editor and newspaper correspondent, was the author of a number of novels and historical works. He lived in Washington at least during 1850 and 1851(1) and probably longer. He next appeared in the New York City Directories as editor from 1854 to 1869, and as author in 1870 and 1874 (unlisted in 1871 to 1873). He is again in the Washington Directory as correspondent for the year 1878. Nothing else has been found about him.

Besides "The Ranchero," the one story published by Irwin Beadle, Tuel wrote "St. Clair; or, The Protege" (1846), "The Prisoner of Perote; A Tale of American Valor and Mexican Love" (1848), and "The Student and the Priest" (1851). He also wrote "Historical Analysis of the Eastern War," "History of the Diplomatic Policy of the Mexican War," "Illustrated History of the War in Italy" (1859), and "The Moral for Authors" (1849). †There is also a book by William P. Stapp entitled "The Prisoners of Perote," said to be a journal kept by the author, who was captured by the Mexicans at Mier, December 25, 1842, and released from Perote, May 16, 1844. It was published in Philadelphia in 1845, three years before Tuel's story. I have seen neither tale, but suspect that Tuel's novel was based upon Stapp's experiences.

REFERENCES: New York and Washington Directories; Allibone. Dict. Eng. Lit., III. †See also the note in this supplement under the name MARIE MONTROSE (page 204, col. 2).

Irwin's American Novels. No. 16

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 A short story in the Dollar Newspaper, December 10, 1851, is signed by him with the Washington address.

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