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Thomas, Mrs. Henry J.

Two novels, several times reprinted, appeared under the name Mrs. Henry J. Thomas. In three reprints of one of them, the "Mrs." was omitted, but since that may have been an oversight, they are here given with Mrs. Thomas' other novels. It is possible, of course, since nothing is known of either Mr. or Mrs. Thomas, that the names are pseudonyms.

Dime Novels. Nos. 146, 178
Pocket Novels. Nos. 775, 240
Boy's Library (quarto). No. 117(1)
Boy's Library
(octavo). Nos. 124,(1) 176
Pocket Library.
Nos. 427,(1) 477


1 These three printings have upon the title pages the name of Henry J. Thomas as author, but the original, identical story, Dime Novels, no. 146 and Pocket Novels, no. 175, had as author the name Mrs. Henry J. Thomas.

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