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Stuart, Miss M. B.

Haynes(1) and Allibone(2) say that the true name of "Grace Mortimer" was Miss M. B. Stuart. Cushing(2) says that she was "An American (?) novelist of the day." No biography of Miss Stuart has been found, and Cushing and Allibone may have copied Haynes, whose source of information was not given. Temporarily, "Grace Mortimer's" novels are listed here under the name of Stuart.

†'Margaret Leicester' was probably another pen name of Miss Stuart.(†4)

Under the pen name "Grace Mortimer" were published:

Saturday Journal. Nos. 349, 355, 389
Girls of Today. No. 24
Fireside Library. No. 61
Waverley Library
(quarto). No. 182

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


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4 †Bowker's American Catalogue, 188490, 711, says Grace Mortimer was Miss M. B. Stuart. No further data.

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