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Stoddard, Major Henry B.

"Maj. Henry B. Stoddard" was a pseudonym of Col. Prentiss Ingraham.(1) For novels listed under this name, see Ingraham.


1 Boy's Library (octavo) No. 4, "Gordon Lillie, the Boy Interpreter of the Pawnees," and No. 431, "Lillie, the Reckless Rider; or, The Wild Hunter's Secret," with the name "Maj. H. B. Stoddard" in the by-line, were (according to a letter to me from Major Lillie) written by Prentiss Ingraham, who used this as one of his pen names. Miller (Dime Novel Authors) thought it a pseudonym of W. O. Stoddard, but W. O. Stoddard, Jr., assured me that his father did not use this name (In litteris, Feb. 21, 1939).

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