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St. Mox, E. A.

E. A. St. Mox was a pen name under which a few of E. S. Ellis' novels were printed by Beadle.(1)

For these novels see Ellis. Besides using this pseudonym for Beadle, it was also used for several stories published in Saturday Night during 1880. In some cases the name was joined to "A U. S. Detective," and occasionally the latter was used alone, although not by Beadle. They were all wild detective stories.


1 M. J. Ivers & Co.'s reprint of one of the Beadle detective novels, "The Heart of Oak Detective," appeared in a thick paper edition, known as Ivers' Detective Series, with the author given as "E. A. St. Mox (E. S. Ellis)." The same coupling of both names appeared on the Westbrook reprint in their Great American Detective Series, No. 32, although it was incorrectly listed in a late Westbrook catalogue as by Edward L. Wheeler!

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