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Shipley, Henry R.

A single novel, "The Ocean Pearl," appeared among Beadle publications under the name Henry R. Shipley. It was later reprinted under the title "The Black Rover," with the author's name as "Harry Cavendish." †Cavendish, however, was a pen name of Charles Jacobs Peterson. See under the name Cavendish in this Supplement (Vol. II, page 50, col. 2). Previously, two novels had been published by Beadle with the by-line "Harry Cavendish" on the title pages, but since the hero of the first, Dime Novel No. 2, was also called "Harry Cavendish," it seems probable that this is a pseudonym. However, nothing is known about Henry R. Shipley, and it is not even certain that the name is real. The settings of the stories indicate that the author was an American. The style is not that of the usual dime novel authors, but is more like that of the romantic writers of the early years of the nineteenth century. It is true that Beadle and Adams, in speaking of their staff of writers in the Star Journal, mention Cavendish in the same sentence with various other authors who were given their true names. This, however, is not a proof that he was real, for in other items in the same journal false and true names were mingled to give readers the impression that the number of regular contributors was greater than in reality. "Harry Cavendish" also had a short sea story in Gleason's Literary Companion, Volume 1, 1860, page 180. †

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