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Sherwood, Scott R.

SCOTT R. SHERWOOD (1842-1910)

Scott Rathburn Sherwood, a New York lawyer and an amateur poet and author, was born March 20, 1842, and died August 28, 1910. His grave is in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. He was admitted to the bar December 3, 1864, and maintained an office in New York City at sixteen different addresses between 1861 and 1898, living in New York during these years with the exception of 1871 to 1877, when he lived on Long Island. He wrote poetry as early as 1856, and was among the contributors to No. I of the Fireside Companion, in 1867, with the beginning of a serial, "Awaiting the Signal." He also contributed to the Illuminated Western World and other story papers. "The Lays of a Bohemian, being Some of the Metrical Conceits of Scott R. Sherwood," was published in New York, in 1885.

REFERENCES: Scott R. Sherwood, Lays of a Bohemian, 1885, 3d edition, has his portrait; New York City Directories, 1861 to 1898; Allibone, Supplement, II, lists only one title; Lawyers Record and Official Register of the United States by Charles Ulman, New York, 1872.

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