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Sara, Col. Delle.

"Col. Delle Sara" was a pen name of Albert W. Aiken.(1) A letter from Cheyenne, Wyoming, November 6, 1876, gives the name "Delaware Sara, Late Colonel Foreign Legion, Imperial Army of Mexico," and in it he says that he has "served under three flags,"(2) which doubtless prompted a question answered in the Correspondents' Column of the Saturday Journal(3) that "Col. Ingraham is not Col. Delle Sara." Patten(4) wrote that the name Sara "was said to have been Whittaker's pseudonym," but the evidence here given disproves that. For novels written under the name Sara, see Albeit Aiken.


1 The novels in Dime Library, no. 103 and Half-Dime Library, no. 186, given as by Sara, are the same, respectively, as Pocket Library, no. 72 and Pocket Library, no. 277 by Albert W. Aiken.
2 Saturday Journal, No. 359.
3 Ibid., No. 525.
4 Gilbert Patten, "Dime Novel Days," Saturday Evening Post, February 28, 1931, 126.

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