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Randolph, Lieut. J H.

"Lieut. J. H. Randolph" was a pen name of Edward S. Ellis.(1) For novels published under this name, see Ellis.


1 "Bess, the Trapper," Pocket Novels, no. 12, is given on the title page as by Lieut. J. H. Randolph, but in the lists in preceding and subsequent Pocket Novels it is given either as by "The Author of The Boy Miner'," or by Edward S. Ellis. "The Boy Miner" is by Ellis. Furthermore, "Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper," Pocket Library, no. 95, the same story, is given on the title page as by "J. F. C. Adams," which is another pen name of Ellis, and Dime Novels, no. 561 by Randolph when printed in Half-Dime Library No. 85 appeared as by Adams.

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