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Pullan, Mrs. Marian.

Matilda Marian Chesney, a niece of General F. R. Chesney, was born at Prospect House, Ireland, in 1821. She wrote many books on fancy work, needle work, and so on, and was editorially connected with the fashion department of the London Review, Home Circle, Illustrated Magazine of Art, Family Friend, Lady's Companion, Leslie's Family Magazine, New York Leader, and others. Among her handbooks were "Book of Riddles" (1851), "Modern Housewife's Recipe Book" (1855), "Dictionary of Needlework" (1856), "Manual of the Wardrobe" (1858), and "The Lady's Manual of Fancywork" (1859). She was director of the "Work-Table Department" of Frank Leslie's Magazine in 1859.(1)

In Beadle's "Dime Guide to Dress-Making and Millinery," the author's name is given as Mrs. Marian M. Pullan.

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