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Pierce, Jo.

Stories credited to "Ben D. Halliday" in the Banner Weekly were republished under the name "Jo Pierce" in the Half-Dime Library.(1) According to Patten, "Ben Halliday" was a pseudonym of Manning, consequently "Jo Pierce" also was one of Manning's pen names.

For novels given under the name Pierce, see Manning.


1 There are eleven examples of the use of the two pairs of names among Beadle publications. A few will suffice. Stories published under the name "Ben Halliday," in Banner Weekly, Nos. 341, 351, 360, 366, 372, 384, etc., are, respectively, the same as those in Half-Dime Libraries Nos. 846, 850, 855, 860, 864, 878, etc., by "Jo Pierce."

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