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Pearce, Samuel W., Jr.

Samuel W. Pearce, Jr., author and editor, son of Samuel W. Pearce, Sr. (February 4, 1823-February 21, 1851), was born in New York City February 27, 1849, and died in Brooklyn, January 26, 1892. His wife, Alice Willever Pearce, was born December 5, 1850, and died March 13, 1934. In the early 1870's Pearce was editor of the Fireside Companion, and was writing for it as late as 1874. He also wrote some novels for Munro. Very little is known about him. The New York City Directories show that he was living in that city from 1872; to 1875, and the Brooklyn Directories show him there from 1886 to 1892. He is listed as either author or editor, the latter in 1891 and 1892, but what he was editing was not stated. Beadle published two of his novels in various editions.

REFERENCES: Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, records and tombstone; New York and Brooklyn Directories.

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