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Patterson, Mrs. Anne Virginia Sharp.

Anne Virginia Sharp Patterson, who wrote under the name "Garry Gaines," was born in Delaware, Ohio, in 1841, the daughter of George Washington Sharp and his wife, Caroline Rebecca Snider. She was educated in private schools and at the Delaware Female College. She was married in Delaware to Robert E. Patterson, January 4, 1866, and lived in that town until 1892, when she removed to Kokomo, Indiana, where she died May 30, 1913. She was active in conservative movements, and is said to have been the editor of the first children's page in a newspaper in America. She was the author of "Dickey Downy" and "The American Girl of the Period, Her Ways and Views" (1877). For Beadle she wrote the story listed below, as well as a few sketches for the editorial page of the Saturday Journal, a few short stories, and a series of sketches entitled "A Young Housekeeper's Trials," which began in Vol. XIII, No. 625, March 4, 1882, and ended in No. 634, May 6, 1882. It was followed by "Good Housekeeping," which had the by-line "Lucile Hollis."

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