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Pseudonyms of Various Beadle Authors

'Twas not enough, the name he bore,
He had to use some three or four.

The pseudonyms, except as indicated, have been verified either from the by-lines of several different editions of the author's novels, or from published biographies. In the latter case, however, unless the pseudonyms were used for Beadle publications, no attempt was made to check the published statements. A question mark after the first name (pen name) indicates that it has not been determined with absolute certainty as belonging to the author whose name follows. Where the second name is enclosed in parentheses and is questioned, it indicates that while this and the first name both belong to the same author, it has not been established that the second name itself is not a pseudonym.

The list includes only names used by Beadle authors, or wished on them by the publishers, although not all of them were used in Beadle publications. Names incorrectly spelled in by-lines, due perhaps to careless editing (as Isley for Ilsley, etc.) are included among the pen names.

† The reasons for pairing the following names are given in this volume under the authors' names.

In the Dime Novel Round-Up during the past two years, various lists of pseudonyms of dime-novel authors have been published, but most of them do not give the reasons for pairing the true names with the false, consequently in the list below, the unverified pairs, even of Beadle authors, are not included.

Denis R. Rogers. "The Ellis Pseudonyms," Round-Up, No. 266, November, 1954; No. 267, December, 1954; No. 268, January, 1955; No. 315, December, 1958; No. 318, March, 1959; No. 319, April, 1959; No. 320, May, 1959; No. 330, March, 1960; No. 334, July, 1960; No. 336, September, 1960. In these lists the authorities are cited.

Other lists, Dime Novel Round-Up, No. 317, February, 1959; No. 321, June, 1959; No. 324, September, 1959; No. 329, February, 1960; No. 341, February, 1961.

Abbott, Manager Henry. Edward Stratemeyer.
Adams, "Bruin." Edward S. Ellis.
Adams, Harrison. St. George Rathborne.
Adams, James Fenimore Cooper. E. S. Ellis.
† Ainda. Joseph Holt Ingraham.
Agile Penne. Albert W. Aiken.
Aimard, Gustav. Olivier Gloux.
† Albert, Stanislaus. Stanislaus Albert Grabowski.
† Alden, Frank. Edward S. Ellis.
Applegate, George. (William Henry May?)
Applegate, George. (William J. Osmund?)
Arizona Cy. Jesse C. Cowdrick.
Armstrong, Captain Frank P. Albert W. Aiken.
Ashton, Warren T. William T. Adams.
Augusta, Clara. Mrs. Elbridge S. Trask.
Author of "Gentleman Joe." Joe E. Badger, Jr.

† Bachelor Knight. William Gilmore Simms.
Barker, Colin. (Henry J. Thomas?)
† Barrington, F. Clinton. Joseph Holt Ingraham.
Barton, Caroline M. Charlotte M. Brame.
† Bartwick, William T. J. M. Merrill.
Beau K. Joseph E. Badger, Jr.
†Beaufain, Adrian. William Gilmore Simms.
Beckman, Ross. Frederick V. Dey.
Belknap, Boynton. Edward S. Ellis.
Bellwood, Herbert. William G. Patten.
Bethune, J. G. Edward S. Ellis.
Bishop, Bertha Thorne. Malcolm J. Rymer.
Blount, Margaret. Mrs. Mary † O. Francis.
Bonehill, Capt. Ralph. Edward Stratemeyer.
† Boulton, Major Henry. Edward S. Ellis.
Braeme, Charlotte M. Charlotte M. Brame.
† Brandon, Beverly. Edward S. Ellis.
Brent, Carl. Edward Willett.
Brentford, Burke. Nathan D. Urner.
Brown, Irving. William T. Adams.
Brown, Mahlon A.† Edward S. Ellis.
Buckskin Sam. Maj. Sam S. Hall.
Buffalo Bill. William F. Cody.
Burdick, Austin C. Sylv. Cobb.
Buntline, Ned. E. Z. C. Judson.
Burr, Maj. Dangerfield. P. Ingraham.
† Burton, E. L. Edward S. Ellis.
Burton, Maj. Andy. St. G. Rathborne.
Butt, Boswell, Esq. C. H. Ross.

Calkins, Franklin. E. Stratemeyer.
Carleton, Capt. Latham.
C. E. S. Ellis. Carleton,
Cousin May. Mrs. M. A. E. Fleming.
Carson, Lewis. W. A. W. Aiken.
Carter, Herbert. St.G. Rathborne.
Carter, Nick (partim). G. C. Jenks.
Castleton, Charles. Sylv. Cobb.
Celebrated Actress. A. W. Aiken.
† Charles Jacobs Peterson. (Henry A. Shipley?)
City Items Scribe. Jesse C. Cowdrick.
Civil War Captain. Maro O. Rolfe.
Cark, Capt. Chas. Dunning Clark.
Clay, Bertha M. (partim). Charlotte M. Brame.
Clay, Bertha M. (partim). Frederick V. Dey.
Clifton, Oliver Lee. St. G. Rathborne.
Clyde, Bernard. Geo. L. Aiken.
Comstock, Capt. Charles Dudley Warren?
Conroy, J. D. J. Malcolm Rymer.
Constellano, Illion. "Leon" Lewis.
Constellano, Mrs. Illion. Harriet Lewis.
† Conyngham, Kate. Joseph Holt Ingraham.
† Cooper, Frank. William Gilmore Simms.
† Courtney, Richard. Edward S. Ellis.
Cranston, Charles. E. Z. C. Judson.

Cushman, Corinne. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
Cuyler, Duke. Arthur L. Meserve.

Daft, Tennyson J. Tom P. Morgan.
Dale, Dash. St. G. Rathborne.
† Danforth, Harry. Charles Jacobs Peterson.
Dangerfield, Harry. William G. Patten.
Davenport, Adelaide. A. W. Aiken.
Davenport, Frances Helen. A. W. Aiken.
Dearborn, Andrew. Lewis J. Gardner.
DeForrest, Barry. C. Dunning Clark.
Dexter, Will. Oll Coomes.
Dey, Haryot Holt. Mrs. F. V. Dey.
Dey, Marmaduke. F. V. Dey.
Dunbar, Dr. Noel. P. Ingraham.
Duncan, Duke. St. G. Rathborne.
Dunlap, Col. Walter B. Sylv. Cobb.

Edgefield, John. J. Edgar Iliff.
Edson, N. I. Mrs. Mary A. Denison.
Edwards, Eleanor Lee. Mrs. M. V. Victor.

Eflor, Oram. Maro O. Rolfe.
Emerce. Mary Reed Crowell.
† Emerson, Edwin. J. F. Henderson.
† Endall, Victor O. J. M. Merrill.
Errym, Malcolm J. (an anagram). J. Malcolm Rymer.
Erwin, Howard W. P. Ingraham.

Fane, Florence. Mrs. F. F. Barritt.
Fat Contributor. A. M. Griswold.
Faulkner, Frank. E. S. Ellis.
† Felton, Frank. Edward S. Ellis.
Fitzwhistler, Enoch. Sylv. Cobb.
Forbes, Aleck. St. G. Rathborne. Forester,
Frank. Henry W. Herbert.
Free, Maj. Mickey. Dr. Harry Enton.

Gaines, Albert Cecil. Arthur Grissom.
† Gaines, Garry. Anne Virginia Sharp Patterson.
Garland, Luke. John H. Whitson.
Garnet, Clew. E. Z. C. Judson.
"Gentleman Joe," Author of. Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
Gilman, Wenona. Dr. H. Enton.
Gilmore, Marian (partim). F. V. Dey.
† Glendower, Marion. George Waldo Browne.
Gordon, Col. H. R. E. S. Ellis.
Graham, Lieut. Preston. P. Ingraham.
Grant, Maj. †T. C. Harbaugh.
Gray, Walter T. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
Gwynne, Oscar A. Edward S. Ellis.
Gwynne, Oswald A. Edward S. Ellis.

Halliday, Ben D. Wm. H. Manning.
Hamilton, Ralph. E. Stratemeyer.
Hamilton, Wm. J. C. Dunning Clark.
† Harland, F. G. Edward S. Ellis.
Harrington, Mrs. Grace D. Harriet Lewis.
† Harris, Bert. Edward S. Ellis.
Harrison, Harry. Dr. Harry Enton.
Hawthorne, Capt. R. M. E. S, Ellis.
Hazard, Harry. Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
Hazelton, Capt. John H. Whitson.
Hazelton, Lt. Col. (Hazeltine, Lt. Col.?).
† Hayne, Hollis. See Hoyne, Corporal Morris.
Hegmun, Ira (an anagram). H. N. Maguire.
Helfenstein, Ernest. Mrs. Elizabeth Oakes Smith.
Henderson, Joseph L. Error for Joseph F. Henderson
Henderson, J. Stanley. Ed. Willett.
† Herbert, Guy. Edward S. Ellis.
Hicks, Harvey. Ed. Stratemeyer.
Hill, Mrs. Kate. F. Mrs. Baer.
Hilton, Maud. Adah M. Howard?
Holmes, Capt. Howard. T. C. Harbaugh.
Hope, Lady Esther. Percy B. St. John.
Howard, Charles. T. C. Harbaugh.
Howard, Jack. St. G. Rathborne.
Howard, Police Capt. Dr. Enton, Handshew, et al.
† Hoyne, Corporal Morris. William H. Manning. [See this supplement under Vol. II, p. 189, col. 2. "Hollis Hayne" is a name given as the author of one Nickel Library, to which Manning also contributed 39 stories under the name "Captain Mark Wilton." It is possible that that is a variant of "Morris Hoyne," which Manning himself acknowledged as "wished upon him."] See Johannsen, The Nickel Library, A Bibliography.
Hunter, Clingham, M. D. Wm. T. Adams.
Hunter, Lieut. Ned. E. S. Ellis.

Ironclad. Dr. H. Enton.
Isley, Charles P. Ilsley, Charles P.

Jayne, Lieut. R. H. E. S. Ellis.
† Jenardo, Don. See this supplement under Vol. II, p. 184, col. 2, line 8. Jordan, P. Stanislaus Grabowski.
† Jordan, P. Stanislaus Grabowski.
Jot, Joe, Jr. A. W. Bellaw.

Keene, Lieut. St. G. Rathborne.
Kennedy, Rose. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
King, Jo. A. W. Bellaw.
King, Midshipman Tom W. P. Ingraham.

Lackland, Thomas. George Canning Hill.
Langley, John Prentice. St. G. Rathborne.
† Lasalle, Charles E., and Lasalle, George E.
Lascelles, Lady Caroline. M. E. Braddon.
Lawless, Eve† F. S. Finn.
Lawson, W. B. G. C. Jenks, St. G. Rathborne, et al.
Lasalle, Charles E. E. S. Ellis.
Lasalle, George E. E. S. Ellis.
Legrand, Louis, M. D. Mr. & Mrs. Victor †.
Leon, Louis. Julius Warren ("Leon") Lewis.
Leslie, Col. Lawrence. St. G. Rathborne.
Lewis, "Juan." John Woodruff Lewis.
Lewis, "Leon." Julius Warren Lewis.
Lincoln, Howard. T. C. Harbaugh.
† Linden, Paul. Edward S. Ellis.
Lisle, Seward D. (an anagram). E. S. Ellis.
Luqueer, Helen. Mrs. Wm. H. Bushnell.
Lytton, Edward. E. L. Wheeler.

McCormick, Brooks. William T. Adams.
McHenry, Col. Oram R.
† McHenry, W. O. R. Maro Rolfe.
Maro O. Rolfe.
Mackenzie, Dr. Willard. E. Stratemeyer.
MacLaren. W. G. Patten. M. A. D. Mary A. Denison.
Manley, Marline. St. G. Rathborne.
Manners., Julia. E. Z. C. Judson.
Manners, Motley. A. J. H. Duganne.
† Martin, A. F. Edward S. Ellis.
Martine, Maj. Max. Henry M. Avery.
† Melville, William. Sylvanus Cobb.
Mentor. Nathan D. Urner.
Meredith, C. Leon. † Dr. George E. Blakelee..
Meredith, Owen. Edward Bulwer.
Merrick, Mark. St. G. Rathborne.
Merry, Malcolm J. (an anagram). J. Malcolm Rymer.
† Middleton, Mark. Edward S. Ellis.
Millbank, Capt. H. R. E. S. Ellis.
Miller, Warne. St. G. Rathborne.
Minturn, Edward. E. Z. C. Judson.
Mohenesto. Henry M. Avery.
Mortimer, Grace. Miss M. B. Stuart.
† Morton, A. P. Edward S. Ellis.
† Mulgrove, Dayton. J. M. Merrill.
Muller, Billex. E. S. Ellis.
Myrtle, Lewis. Geo. Canning Hill.
† Myrtle, Mon. Maurice C. Walsh.
"Myself." Alice Dale.
"My Young Wife's Husband." Alice Dale.

† Neil, B. M. Edward S. Ellis.
Newton, Nat. A. P. Morris, probably.
Noah Nuff. †Will S. Gidley.
Norton, Mrs. Florice. Charlotte M. Brame.
Novelist Detective. Maro O. Rolfe.
Nuff, Noah. &dagger,Will S. Gidley.

O'Cataract, John. John Neal.
Old Broadbrim. St. G. Rathborne.
Old Contributor. Mr. and Mrs. "Leon" Lewis.
Old Detective. Maro O. Rolfe.
Old Sleuth (partim). T. C. Harbaugh.
Old Stager. Wm. T. Adams.
Optic, Oliver. Wm. T. Adams.
Ormund, Frederick. F. V. Dey.
Osmund, William J. (Wm. Henry May?).
O'Rolfe, M., the Irish Novelist. M. O. Rolfe.
Ouida. Mrs. Louise de la Ramee.

† Patten, Gilbert. William G. Patten.
Parson's Daughter (q.v.). (Not definitely determined).
Payne, Harold. Geo. C. Kelly.
Peabody, Mrs. Mark. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
Penne, Agile. A. W. Aiken.
Percival, Nelson. J. Malcolm Rymer.
Perry, Lieut. Harry Dennies.
P. Ingraham.
Perry, Capt. Wm. B. Wm.
Perry Brown.
Pierce, Jo. Wm. H. Manning.
Piper, A. G. †J. H. Ingraham.
† Playfellow, Robin. Edward S. Ellis.
Post, A. H. Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
Poyntz, Launce. Frederick Whittaker.
Prescott, Paul J. Lettie Artley Irons.
Private Detective. St. G. Rathborne.
† Proctor, Adelaide Ann. Edward S. Ellis.

Quad, M. Charles B. Lewis.

Randolph, Geoffrey. E. S. Ellis.
Randolph, Lieut. J. H. E. S. Ellis.
Rebak, H. (an anagram). Henry Baker.
Redwing, Morris. J. M. Merrill.
† Reed, Mary. Edward S. Ellis.
Regester, Seeley. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
† Reid, D. L. Edward S. Ellis.
† Remington, Arthur. Sylvanus Cobb.
Revere, Paul. J. Abarbanell.
Ringwood, Ralph. Capt. A. D. Hynes.
Robertson, Alex., M. D. St. G. Rathborne.
Robie, Mrs. Anne A. Maro O. Rolfe.
Robins, Rollo. Edward S. Ellis.
Robins, Seelin. Edward S. Ellis.
† Rockwood, Harry. Ernest A. Young of Fitchburg, Mass.
Rockwood, Roy. E. Stratemeyer.
Rodman, Emerson. E. S. Ellis.
† Rogers, John. Edward S. Ellis.
Roife, Sergeant? Maro O. Rolfe.
Rolker, A. W.? Maro O. Rolfe.
† Ross, T. Burlingame. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr.
Roy, Ralph. Jos. E. Badger, Jr.
Royal, Ralph. J. Abarbanell.

Saco. Arthur L. Meserve.
St. Clair, Victor. Geo. W. Browne.
St. Dare, Julian. W. G. Patten.
St. George, Harry. H. St. G. Rathborne.
St. Meyer? E. Stratemeyer.
St. Mox. E.S. Ellis.
† St. Vane, Hubert. T. C. Harbaugh.
St. Vrain, Maj. E. L. Wm. H. Manning.
Sara, Col. Delle. A. W. Aiken.
Saxe, Burton. Wirt Sikes.
Scott, Maj. S. S. T. C. Harbaugh.
Sewell, Arthur (partim). John H. Whitson.
Sharpe, Jack. St. G. Rathborne.
Shingle, Solomon? A. W. Bellaw.
† Shipley, Henry A. Charles Jacobs Peterson.
Sims, Lieut. A. K. John H. Whitson.
Singing Sybil. Mrs. M. V. Victor.
† Singleton, G. B. William Gilmore Simms.
Slick, Jonathan. Mrs. Ann S. Stephens.
Sloper, Ally. C. H. Ross.
South, Edwin. Bartley T. Campbell.
Standish, Bert L. W. G. Patten.
Starbuck, Roger. Augustus Comstock.
Steel, Robert. John H. Whitson.
Steele, Addison. John H. Whitson.
Stevens, Maurice. John H. Whitson.
Stewart, Gordon. St. G. Rathborne.
Stoddard, Maj. Henry B. P. Ingraham.
Strong, Hero. Mrs. E. S. Trask.
† Sweet Singer of Michigan. Mrs. Julia A. Moore.
Swift, Lewis J. Lewis J. Gardner.
Symus, the Pilgrim. Sylv. Cobb.

Taylor, Capt. Alfred B. (q.v.). Prentiss Ingraham, probably.
Texas Jack. J. B. Omohundro.
Thomas, Egbert S. Edward S. Ellis.
Thorne, Lieut. Alfred B. A. W. Aiken.
Thorne, Dora. Charlotte M. Brame.
Thorne, Harley. J. O. Brayman, probably.
Tiger Lily. Lillie D. V. Blake.
† Townley, Arthur. Real name unknown.
Two Sisters of the West. Mrs. Warfield and Eleanor Ware.

Ulmar, Genevieve. W. J. Cobb.
Urban, Septimus. R. J. Malcolm Rymer.
U. S. Detective. E. S. Ellis.

Vanardy, Varick. F. V. Dey.
Vance, Clara. Mary A. Denison.
Van Doren, Dirck. F. V. Dey.
Versatile, Val. Dr. Harry Enton.

† Wallace, Frank. Edward S. Ellis.
Walraven, E. G. Emma Garrison Jones.
Waring, Marcus H. William H. Manning.
† Warren, Greenlifre. J. H. Ingraham.
† Warren, Major Hugh. St. George Rathborne (according to the Library of Congress cards).
† Warren, Joseph. Edward S. Ellis.
Webber, Frank. Wm. H. Bushnell.
Wheeler, Capt. E. S. Ellis, perhaps †Leon Lewis.
† Wheeler, Edward L. Used by Jesse C. Cowdrick for the "Deadwood Dick, Jr." stories after Wheeler's death.
† Wheeler, William T. Leon Lewis.
Whitehorn, Washington. A. W. Bellaw.
† Wicks, Eva Alden. J. M. Merrill.
Wilby, R. Hunt. Wm. R. Eyster.
Wilder, William West. Wm. G. Patten.
Wild Rose. Miss Badger.
Williams, Russell. John H. Whitson.
Wilton, Capt. Mark. Wm. H. Manning.
† Winch, Will. J. M. Merrill.
Winfield, Arthur M. E. Stratemeyer.
Winslow, Amos, Jr. Sylv. Cobb.
Winterton, Gale. Wm. T. Adams.
Winwood, Rett. Frank Corey.
Wylder, Lennox. Dr. Wm. M. Turner.

Yankee, A. Jos. Holt Ingraham.
Young Broadbrim. St. G. Rathborne.
Young Detective. Maro O. Rolfe.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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