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Mortimer, Grace.

Haynes,(1) under the name Grace Mortimer, gives the true name as Miss M. B. Stuart, but does not cite his authority. Gushing follows him and gives a single novel, "Bosom Foes," published in New York, 187-. Allibone likewise gives the same names and gives a cross reference to the name Stuart, but the cross reference is missing. For novels under this name, see Miss Stuart. †'Margaret Leicester' may also have been used by Miss M. B. Stuart.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 J. E. Haynes, Pseudonyms of Authors, New York, 1882; Cushing, Initials and Pseudonyms, 1886, 198; Allibone, Supplement, II, 1891, 1145.

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