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Miscellaneous Publications

A FEW BOOKS issued by Beadle cannot be placed in any definite series. Of these odd volumes, one was issued by Beadle & Co., one by Frank Starr & Co., and seven by Adams, Victor & Co., the latter two firms, of course, being subsidiaries of the parent firm. While the sales of the bound volumes seemed to run to high figures for the times, they were evidently not great enough to justify the continuation of such publications, and after 1877 none appeared.

J. R. Sypher. The Art of Teaching School. Frank Starr & Co., 41 Platt Street.

† "The Art of Teaching School" should probably be omitted from the Beadle publications. It was apparently published only by J. M. Stoddard, Philadelphia. There is no copy of the first edition in the New York Public Library, but Mr. Adimari found a second edition published by Stoddard. He thinks the item in the Publishers' Weekly announcing its publication by Frank Starr was an error. If this proves to be correct, the entire item about J. R. Sypher, on page 266, Vol. II, should be omitted.

I do not know if this was ever issued. The only record found was an announcement of it as a "Forthcoming Book," in the Publishers' and Stationers' Weekly Trade Circular, for January 18, 1872.

Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage. The Abominations of Modern Society (Fig. 89). Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street, 1872.

Announced January 18, 1872, in The Publishers' and Stationers' Weekly Trade Circular. In the same journal for February 8 it was announced as "Now ready"; in the issue for May 23, 1872, the sixth edition was listed, and on January 9, 1873, the seventh. The book is a duodecimo, cloth bound, and has 290 pages. It sold for $1.50.

The book deals with morals and conditions in New York City, written in Talmage's lurid style.

Olive Logan (Mrs. Wirt Sikes). Get Thee Behind Me, Satan. A Home-Born Book of Home-Truths (Fig. 90). Adams, Victor & Co., publishers, 98 William Street, 1872.

It has 298 pages plus a two-page advertisement of Talmage's book, is a 12mo bound in blue, purple, red, or green cloth, and was sold for $1.50. Originally † Mrs. Sikes's book was advertised(1) as published by Frank Starr & Co., although that name never appeared on the title page. The first edition appeared June 15, 1872, the fifth was announced(2) in January, 1873.

"A woman-book which shall breathe the spirit of true love and the sweet sanctities which grow out of Christian marriage," says the blurb. It contains talks to girls on vanity, dress, flirting, free love, servant girls, marriage, children, etc.

S. O. Beeton and Ronald Smith. Livingstone and His African Explorations. Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street, 1872. With portrait, cloth, $1.50.

The book was announced(3) for December 12, 1872. A second edition was ready January 9, 1873.(4)

Emily Faithfull. A Reed Shaken with the Wind. A Love Story. (Fig. 91). Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street, 1873. 12mo. Cloth, 286 pages plus two of advertisements. $1.50.

The book was issued(5) June 2, 1873, and the same day it was announced(6) that "The first edition exhausted by advance orders. A second edition in press, ready in a few days."

Fig 85. The quarto  Beadle's Boy's Library.
Fig. 89

Fig 85. The quarto  Beadle's Boy's Library.
Fig. 90

Fig 85. The quarto  Beadle's Boy's Library.
Fig. 91

Fig 85. The quarto  Beadle's Boy's Library.
Fig. 92

Figs. 89 to 92. Title page of four of the cloth-bound books published
by Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street. All were duodecimos

This book was originally published in Bow Bells, under the title "Change Upon Change," and in 1868 under the same title in New York.

Tiny, the highly sexed, frivolous youngest daughter of Lady Harewood, is a sad flirt. Has a love affair with Captain Foy, then becomes engaged to her cousin Wilfred Lane, a prig. Much of the book is devoted to the love letters of the two. Finally Tiny breaks the engagement and marries Lord Lothian.

Olive Logan (Mrs. Wirt Sikes). They Met by Chance.

Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street. 12mo, cloth.

The book was announced(7) as ready, July 15, 1873, and on September 6 as having gone through eight editions in six weeks.(8)

Mrs. E. F. Ellet. The Brides and Widows of the Bible.

Beadle & Adams, 98 William Street. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

This book was announced(9) October 18, 1873, and as ready(10) November 15.

Robert Huish. Memoirs of George the Fourth, Descriptive of the Most Interesting Scenes of his Private and Public Life, and the Important Events of his Memorable Reign; with Characteristic Sketches of All the Celebrated Men who were his Friends and Companions as a Prince, and his Ministers and Counsellors as a Monarch. (Fig. 92). Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street. Published March 9, 1875.(11) 12mo, cloth, 499 double-column pages plus one blank. There were two portraits. The book sold for $1.25 in paper covers and $1.50 in cloth.

This book is a reprint of the original edition, printed by Thomas Kelly, in London, in 1830, and suppressed. "The appearance of his [Huish] two volumes, in 1830, soon after George's death, produced a great sensation; and efforts for the work's suppression so far succeeded that, in a few brief months, it became exceedingly difficult to obtain. We give the work in its entirety."

Two new editions, the third and fourth, were announced for March 20, 1875.(12)

Frederick T. Parsons, Magnetic Physician. Vital Magnetism: Its Power over Disease. Adams, Victor & Co., 98 William Street. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. Issued early in October, 1877. (13)


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† Correction made as per Volume 3.
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