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Merry, Malcolm J.

Merry is an anagram of Rymer, and Malcolm J. Merry is a pseudonym of James Malcolm Rymer.(1) For the one novel reprinted by Beadle, see Rymer.


1 J. E. Haynes, Book of Pseudonyms, New York, 1882, gives Malcolm J. Errym (another anagram of Rymer) as a pseudonym of J. Malcolm Rymer. The same is given in the British Museum catalogue. But Malcolm J. Errym's The Rift and the Spray, published by Brady, in 1 860, is identical with The Pirate Scud, No. 85, American Talcs, by Malcolm J. Merry, consequently Merry also is Rymer. M. Summers, A Gothic Bibliography, 4344, gives both Merry and Errym as pseudonyms of Rymer.

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