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May, William Henry.

A certain story appeared under different titles and assigned to different authors in three different printings by Beadle. In No. 43, Irwin's American Novels, appeared the story "Zach Smith; or, The Haunted House," by William J. Osmund. It was reprinted under the title "The Beautiful Unknown; or, The Haunted House," by William Henry May, in No. 12, Frank Starts American Novels. Later it appeared without an author's name under the same title, in Pocket Novels No. 161, and finally in Boy's Library, octavo edition, No. 250, as "Zach's Ghost Trap; or, The Haunted House Havoc," by George Applegate. Which of the three is the true name of the author is at present unknown, for neither Osmund, Applegate, nor May has been found in biographical dictionaries or elsewhere.

Temporarily, they are all listed in this book under the name of William Henry May, as being the name sounding the most plausible.

Irwin's American Novels. No. 43 (Author given as William J. Osmund)
Starr's American Novels. No. 12 (Author given as William Henry May)
Pocket Novels. No. 767 (Anonymous)
Boy's Library (octavo). No. 250 (Author given as George Applegate)

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