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Legrand, Louis, M.D.

Nowhere have I found the true name of "Louis Legrand" suggested except in Miller's "Dime Novel Authors,"(1) where he is said to be Edward S. Ellis, and in a list of Beadle authors, obtained from Dr. O'Brien, in which the name of O. J. Victor is written after Legrand's name. When Ellis sent the manuscript of "Seth Jones" to Beadle and Co., in the summer of 1860, his own accounts show that he was unknown to the firm, consequently could hardly have been editor of their "Dialogues" in 1859, when he was nineteen years old. He is, therefore, ruled out. O. J. Victor seems much more probable except that the only novel published bv Beadle under the name Legrand is somewhat humorous, which practically rules him out also. His wife, however, wrote some humorous stories, and together Mr. and Mrs. Victor may have used the name—a very plausible explanation. †The Library of Congress catalogue gives the name "Louis Legrand" definitely as a pen name of Orville J. Victor. One edition of the Life of George B. McClellan has the by-line "Orville J. Victor," and another has "Louis Legrand." For books published under the name Legrand, therefore, see under Orville J. Victor.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 W. C. Miller, Dime Novel Authors, 1860-1900, Grafton, Mass., 1933.

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