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Lawless, Eve.

On the editorial pages of the Saturday Journal between 1870 and 1882 there appeared many sermonettes under the name "Eve Lawless," but no serials or "libraries" were so signed. Her address was Greenwood,(1) Maine, and in the summer of 1879 was Nashua, New Hampshire, but both of these places were also homes of Frank S. Finn. Two notes in the Saturday Journal seem to indicate that the name is a pseudonym. In No. 61, May 13, 1871, the "Correspondents' Column" states that "Eve Lawless is—Eve Lawless," apparently showing that the editors did not wish to divulge the true name. In No. 549, September 18, 1880, another answer states that "Eve Lawless is not the person you indicate," which also suggests a nom de plume. My guess is that the name belonged to Finn.


1 A letter in The Young New Yorker, No. 10, January 27, 1879, 4.

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