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King, Tom W.

Tom W. King, with the titles Midshipman, Lieutenant, or Major prefixed, was a pseudonym of Prentiss Ingraham.1 Novels under this name will be found listed under the name Ingraham.


1 Bealdle's Popular Library, no. 129 and Half-Dime Library, no. 1098 are entitled "The Detective Quartet; or, Suicide, Murder or Accident?" and the author is given as "T. W. King, Author of 'The Dauntless Detective,' Tony, the Cowboy,' etc., etc." But "Pony, the Cowboy," Boy's Library (quarto edition), no. 88 and Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 70, is given as by H. B. Stoddard, which was a pseudonym of Prentiss Ingraham.

On February 12, 1885, "Love and Duty," a military drama, by "Col. Prentiss Ingraham and T. W. King," was first acted by amateurs at Saratoga, New York, according to the New York Clipper Annual. In other words, the play was by Ingraham and Ingraham.

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