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Kaime, George S.

† George S. Kaine, according to Ralph Adimari (in a letter to me July 15, 1954), was a journalist. He purchased the Omro (Wisconsin) Union in 1873 and changed the name to the Omro Journal (American Newspaper Reporter, VII, March 10, 1873, 206). In 1874 he was connected with the Oshkosh Independent (ibid., VIII, November 23, 1874, 755) as co-editor and co-publisher. This paper was burned out in a fire April 28, 1875 (ibid., IX, May 17, 1875, 399), and he returned to Omro and repurchased an interest in the Journal (ibid., IX, December 6, 1875, 901).

One story only was published by Beadle.

Saturday Journal. No. 22
Waverley Library (quarto). No. 54
Waverley Library
(octavo). No. 39

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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