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Jolly, Emily.

Allibone's Supplement, II, 919, states simply that "Miss Emily Jolly, [was] a contributor to Household Words, All the Year Round, &c. All her books were published anonymously." Fifteen novels are listed, published between 1856, when "Mr. Arle" appeared, and 1878, when "The Life and letters of Sydney Dobell" was edited by her. "Caste" appeared in 1857. She also wrote under the initials "E.J." and "Lady who prefers to be Anonymous." Her contributions to the two Dickens' periodicals mentioned above were reprinted in 1875 under the title "A Wife's Story and Other Tales."

REFERENCES: Allibone, Supplement, II, 919; Cushing, Initials and Pseudonyms, 1886, 164, 470.

By the author of "Caste":

Fireside Library. No. 87

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