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Irons, Archie C.

It has been suggested that "Archie C. Irons"(1) was a pen name of N. C. Iron. This seems unlikely, for N. C. Iron had stopped writing for Beadle in 1866, while Archie Irons' story was written twelve years later. In the late 1870's also, he wrote a few Nickel Libraries. The fact that in Boys of the World, I, June 8, 1876, there is a series of sketches on hunting in the Michigan woods by a party of boys, among whom is the author, suggests that he came from Michigan.

† In a letter to William J. Benners, June 2, 1918, and now in my possession, William H. Manning wrote: "Archie Irons lived in the middle westó Michigan or Wisconsin. He had a sister, Lettie Artley Irons, who was also a writer. She died early."

Half-Dime Library. Nos. 51, 1141
Pocket Library.
No. 35

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 W. C. Miller, Dime Novel Authors, 1860-1900, Gratton, Mass., 1933.

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