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Irwin's Six Penny Tales

in 1867 there appeared a short-lived series entitled Irwin's Six Penny Tales, published and copyrighted by Irwin & Co., 102 Nassau Street, New York. These little booklets (Fig. 44) were 4 7/8 inches by 3 3/16 inches in size, with a black woodcut on the front of the buff colored wrappers, and contained 68 pages. No sale price is given on the covers, but presumably "six penny" meant six cents; the small format and the few pages suggest this. No advertisement of the series has been seen, and it is unknown, at present, whether more than two numbers were issued.

Fig 44.  Irwin's Six Penny Tales, No. 2, 1867.

Fig 44. Irwin's Six Penny Tales, No. 2, 1867
Only two numbers in this series are known.

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