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Hynes, Captain A. D.

Alfred D. Hynes,(1) under the pseudonym "Ralph Ringwood,"(2) wrote a single novel for Beadle, which the latter published under three different titles; but he also wrote numerous short sketches for the Saturday Journal, the Banner Weekly, and the Fireside Companion. He died probably late in †1872, for in the Saturday Journal, II, No. 97, January 20, 1872, his "recent" death is mentioned.

Under the name "Ralph Ringwood" he wrote:
Starr's American Novels. No. 57
Pocket Novels. No. 80
Boy's Library (octavo). No. 294

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 The name was spelled Hines in several numbers of the Saturday Journal (Nos. 137, 283, and 285) but Hynes in others (Nos. 97, 117). In No. 117 the name attached to a poem is Col. Alfred D. Hynes.
2 Saturday Journal, III, No. 138, November 2, 1872, said that "the lamented Ralph Ringwood (the late Capt. A. D. Hines) finished the story before his untimely decease."

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