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Howard, Adah M.

Adah M. Howard, according to Mr. H. W. Ralston,(1) Vice-president of the Street & Smith Corporation for whom she wrote, was apparently the true name of the author. Nothing has been found in the literature to indicate who she was, and Mr. Ralston was unable to give further details. Jacob Abarbanell,(3) editor for Norman Munro's Publishing House, said: "I know nothing about Adah M. Howard personally. She used to receive $30 for her installments." No novel under her name was published by Beadle, but a comparison of her "Jennie, the Book-stitcher," which appeared in the Family Story Paper, August 30, 1919, with Maud Hilton's "Jennie, the Book-stitcher; or, Ticket No. 91,283," which appeared in the same periodical beginning in the issue for September 16, 1905, shows that they are identical.(3) Furthermore, each wrote a story entitled "Rose Michel," although that fact is not conclusive in itself, for there was also a play by that name and another story with that title written by "Ernest Blum" (Durivage).

Temporarily, the one story published by Beadle under the name Maud Hilton is listed here. For the reason why Cushing's(4) statement that "Maud Hilton" was Mrs. Frank Whicher is not accepted, see under "Maud Hilton."

Under the name "Maud Hilton" was published:

Waverley Library (quarto). No. 73


1 In a letter from Mr. Ralston to me, December 10, 1942.
2 In a letter, now in my possession, from Jacob Abarbanell to William J. Benners, dated August 11, 1919.
3 Mr. Ralph Adimari compared the stories for me and found them identical.
4 William Cushing, Initials and Pseudonyms, New York, 1886, 130, 589.

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