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Hopewell, Menra M.D.

Menra Hopewell, author of a "Life of DeWitt Clinton," and "The Great West," was a New York physician at 204 Monroe Street in 1857-58. He went to Missouri in the latter year, and in the Missouri Republican, April 12, 1858, began a series of articles entitled "Legends of the Missouri." They were published anonymously, but later were reprinted in book form with his name as author. In 1859 and 1860 he was listed as a physician at 290 Chestnut Street, St. Louis. He prepared the "Reports of the Annual Fairs of St. Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association" for 1859 to 1861, and in 1860, with Richard Edwards, compiled "The Great West and Her Commercial Metropolis." His "History of the Missouri Volunteer Militia" appeared in 1861. He died in London in the 1870's.

Beadle's London branch printed his "Legends of the Missouri and Mississippi" in three booklets in 1862-63, but apparently they were not reprinted in this country. The same "Legends" were later issued in cloth covers by Ward, Locke and Taylor, in London, in 1874.

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