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Hill, K. F.

"K. F. Hill," whose name is given in several reprints as "Mrs. K. F. Hill" or "Kate F. Hill," †was Mrs. Lucy A. Baer (q.v.). She wrote detective and love stories in the early 1880's for the New York Weekly, the Family Story Paper and the Fireside Companion. Among others, "Euretta LeStrange, the Romance of a Table Girl" appeared as a serial in the Family Story Paper beginning in the issue for August 20, 1883. "The Twin Detectives" appeared in the same paper, and there was a short love story in the Fireside Companion, XXX, June 5, 1882. In the New York Weekly appeared "The Mystery of a Madstone," "A Mysterious Case," "Blanche, the Bread Winner," and "Orphan Jenny," all of them in the early 1880's. Other stories by her were "Elsie's Faith," "Prince and Peasant," "The Dumb Detective," and "The Were Wolf."

In answer to a question, on August 11, 1919, Abarbanell, editor for Norman Munro's Publishing House, wrote:(1) "Kate F. Hill was Mrs. Baer. She lived in Philadelphia; her first name and address unknown." Since "Kate F. Hill" wrote for Munro while Abarbanell was editor, the statement may be accepted as correct, and stories written for Beadle under the name "K. F. Hill" are listed in this book under the name of Mrs. Baer.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.


1 The letter is now in my possession.

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