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Henderson, J. Stanley.

"J. Stanley Henderson" was the pen name of Edward Willett.(1) For novels under this name, see Edward Willett.


1 F. A. Sampson, A Bibliography of Missouri Authors, Sedalia, 1901, 50, said that "J. Stanley Henderson" was a pen name of Willett. This is confirmed by the fact that "The Man in Green," Dime Novels, no. 105 and Pocket Novels, no. 195, which are given as by "J. Stanley Henderson," is the same story as Boy's Library (octavo editon), no. 145, which is by Edward Willett. Furthermore, "Ned Starling," Dime Novels, no. 114 and Dime Novels, no. 467, given on the title pages as by Henderson, are announced inside the front covers of Dime Novels, no. 113 and Dime Novels, no. 114 as by Edward Willett, "author of 'The Hidden Home' and 'The Man in Green'." However, the novel "Hidden Home," Dime Novels, no. 110, has the name Willett on the title page, and "The Man in Green," Dime Novels, no. 105, has the name Henderson. Without question, therefore, "J. Stanley Henderson" was the pseudonym of Edward Willett.

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