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Hall, William Jared.

William Jared Hall was the writer of a single novel for Beadle, "The Slave Sculptor," first published as Dime Novel No. 9, in 1860, and reprinted three times. Only two personal notes referring to him have been found in the literature. Gleason's Literary Companion, XI, August 6, 1870, 504, in an announcement of a new story, called him an "Ex-judge," and Beadle's Weekly, II, No. 77, May 3, 1884, spoke of him as "a Judge from Ohio." He had previously written several short stories about Mexico and the South in Gleason's Weekly Line of Battle Ship in 1859-60, and many short stories in Gleason's Literary Companion and Gleason's Pictorial in the 1860's. He also wrote for the Waverley Magazine in 1857.

Dime Novels. Nos. 9, 509
American Library (London). No. 38
New and Old Friends. No. 14

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