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Graham, Lieut. Preston.

A series of sketches of student-sailors at Annapolis ran in the Saturday Journal from No. 550, September 25, 1880, to No. 558, November 20, 1880, under the title "Our Naval School; or, Life Among the Middies," and with the by-line "Lieut. Preston Graham." Later, in the same journal, XI, No. 555, October 30, 1880, a new story, "The Chevalier Corsair," was announced as soon to appear, by 'Lieut. Preston Graham, U.S.N., Author of 'Our Naval School,' 'The Boy Exile,' etc."

When published, the story was given as "By the Author of 'Merle, the Mutineer,' 'Freelance,' etc." But both of these tales are by Prentiss Ingraham (q.v.), consequently the very similar name "Preston Graham" is another of his numerous pseudonyms. No serial story or "library" appeared among the Beadle publications with this pen name in the by-line.

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