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Grabowski, Count Stanislaus Stefan Albert Grabowski.

Stanislaus Grabowski was a German novelist who wrote under his own name as well as under the pseudonym "Stanislaus Albert." He was born in Berlin July 15, 1828, and died in Stuttgart, December 7, 1874. He was an officer in the Prussian Army but began writing fiction about 1860 and thereafter devoted himself almost entirely to literature. He closely followed the style of Gerstacker, Posti (Sealsfield), Aimard, and others, especially in his adventure stories. His bibliography lists about sixty novels. Among them is "Die Regulatoren von San Francisco," which may possibly be the original of the novel translated by Francis Johnson under the title "Steel Arm; or, The Regulators of California." (But see American Tales, no. 64, The House of Beadle and Adams, I, 132; ibid., II, 118 and additions to that page in this supplement, and under the name Francis Johnson, page 165.) One of the earliest of Grabowski's historical novels was "John Paul Jones," published in Hanover in 1860. He wrote some detective novels, and was among the first writers of this type of story. A collected edition of his novels and tales was published in 1865.

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