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Gildersleeve, Mrs. C. H.

Abbie Peters Buchanan (sometimes written Abby), daughter of John Buchanan and his wife Abbie Peters, was born in Cambridge, New York, August 5, 1834. She was twice married, first to Charles H. Gildersleeve, at Green Bay, Wisconsin, and after his death in 1866 to Christopher S. Longstreet, a dentist of New York City. Mr. Gildersleeve was a teacher in Buffalo from 1853 to 1860, and while living in that city, Mrs. Gildersleeve wrote a number of sketches and one serial for Beadle's Home. After the office of this periodical was removed to New York City in December, 1857, Mrs. Arey, the former editor, and Mrs. Gildersleeve established The Home Monthly, a rival publication which lated until September, 1860, when it was united with Cyrus Stone's Home Magazine in Boston. Not long thereafter, the Gildersleeves removed to Brooklyn, where Mr. Gildersleeve taught for several years, and then to New York where he died. After his death and her second marriage, Mrs. Gildersleeve apparently wrote very little. She died in New York City, March 26, 1899.

Among her books were "Remy St. Remy; or, The Boy in Blue," published in New York, 1865, and "Social Etiquette of New York," the latter published anonymously.

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The Home. Vol. III. Bessie Lee's Diary, 1857

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