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Lives of Great Americans

THE FIRST of Beadle and Adams' monthly series, Lives of Great Americans (Fig. 104) was brought out on May 8, 1878. A total of thirteen numbers was issued, the last one appearing April 23, 1877, all printed at the 98 William Street address. Ten of the booklets were reprints of biographies previously published in the Dime Biographical Library twelve to sixteen years before. These re-printings have exactly the same contents as the earlier issues, and were apparently printed from the same plates, but instead of having orange wrappers, they now have white ones with the front illustration in colors. There is no printing inside the wrappers. The booklets are 6 ¾ by 4 ¼ inches in size, have stabbed binding, and contain from 80 to 100 pages. Some have a frontispiece. There is no ornamental heading surrounding the name of the series, the words "Lives of Great Americans" being simply printed across the top in bold-face type. Some of the biographies have several pages of advertisement bound in the back. There was no change in style of cover between first issues and reprints, except in the case of the special memorial editions of Nos. 3 and 13.

Fig. 104. Lives of Great Americans
Lives of Great Americans
Thirteen numbers were issued between May 8, 1876, and April 23, 1877

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