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Frank Starr's Songbooks

AT LEAST five songbooks were issued by Beadle under the imprint of Frank Starr & Co., and from 41 Platt Street. The books are 6½ by 4¼ inches in size, have 64 pages, and are enclosed in lemon yellow wrappers. The tide of the series is in small italic bold face type across the top of the front wrapper in one line, and here also are the number of the series and the price, "10 Cts." Below this, and occupying practically all of the front cover, is a black line drawing. The first number I have not seen, but the second has a picture of a presti-digitator with a silk hat in his hand, the third has a stage Swiss, and the fourth a stage black-face (Fig. 124). The title of each booklet is printed across the illustration in outline letters. At the bottom of the page is the name and address of the publisher, and usually also the name of a bookseller. Advertisements of other "Starr" publications occupy the other three cover pages.

Fig. 124. Frank Starr's Songbooks
Fig. 124. Frank Starr's Song Book

Five were issued between 1869 and 1871
Originals, 6½ x 4¼

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