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Friedrich Heinrich Karl, Freiherr De La Motte-Fouque.

Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué, German poet and novelist, was born February 12, 1777, in Brandenburg, and died in Berlin, January 23, 1843. He received a military training, but soon devoted himself to literature. His first production was a play, in 1801, then various romances, plays, and poems. Patriotic reasons led him back into the army in 1813, but he retired in 1815 with the rank of Major, and went to live on his estate Nennhausen, near Rathenow. His best story is "Undine," written in 1811, and republished in innumerable editions. Following this came many romances and shorter tales, dramas, and adventure stories. In 1830 he sold Nennhausen and removed to Halle, and still later was pensioned by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV and went to Berlin. He wrote his own autobiography (Lebensgeschichte) in 1840, saw a new edition of his works through the press in 1841, and died in 1843. Several other books were published after his death.

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