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Edwards, Eleanor Lee.

Eleanor Lee Edwards was one of Mrs. Metta V. Victor's pseudonyms.(1) For the one novel published, under this name by Beadle, see under Mrs. Victor.


1 "The Hunted Bride; or, Wedded but not Won," Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no.351, by Corinne Cushman, is the same as "The Betrayed Bride; or, Wedded but not Won," Starr's Fifteen Cent Illustrated Novels, no. 2, by Eleanor Lee Edwards; consequently Corinne Cushman and Eleanor Lee Edwards are lumes for the same writer. But "Morley Beeches," by Corinne Cushman, American Library (quarto edition), no. 41, is a novel by Mrs. M. V. Victor, as shown by a biography of that writer in The People's Home Journal, 1906; and "Sir Caryl's Sacrifice," Fireside Library, no. 53, by Corinne Cushman, is also given in that biography as by Mrs. Victor. Since Mrs. Victor was writing for The People's Home Journal at one time, we may accept that statement as correct.

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