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Frank P. Armstrong. The Prairie Pathfinder; or, The Lost Sister. March 29, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 200; New Dime Novels, no. 328; Pocket Novels, no. 247; Boy's Library, no. 215; Pocket Library, no. 481.

A story of the Rio Grande, with the usual complement of Indians, bad men, and Mexicans. Time: shortly after the close of the war with Mexico.


Andrew Dearborn. White Serpent, the Shawnee Scourge; or, Indian Heart, the Renegade. April 12, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 201; New Dime Novels, no. 413.

Hudson River country in 1740. Indian outrages against pioneers.


Guy Greenwood. The Phantom Foe; or. The Maid of Montmorenci. April 26, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 202; New Dime Novels, no. 394.

Rescue of a supposed Indian girl—an English spy plots with the Indians—General Wolfe—last stand of Montcalm —the storming of the Heights of Abraham and the fall of Quebec in 1759.


Joseph E. Badger. The Masked Guide; or, The Road Agents of the Plains. May 10, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 203; New Dime Novels, no. 436.

Locale: Ireton, Kansas, to the Black Hills. Bandits, Indians, scouts, villain, etc.


Frank P. Armstrong. Metamora, the Forest King. May 24, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 204; New Dime Novels, no. 369, 614.

Indian story of Plymouth town in Colonial days. King Philip's War in 1675.


Edward Willett. The Gray Scalp; or, The Blackfoot Brave. June 7, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 205; New Dime Novels, no. 444.

Blackfeet Indians on the Oregon trail in the early part of the nineteenth century.


Guy Greenwood. Buckskin Bill; or, The White Demon of the Woods. June 21, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 206; Pocket Novels, no. 208; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 175; Pocket Library, no. 461.

Most of the action takes place on the plains of the Far West, not far from the mountains. An expedition to Oregon, Blackfeet Indians, a free trapper, a buffalo stampede, and a mysterious white giant.


Charles E. LaSalle. The Buffalo Trapper. A Tale of Strange Adventure in the North-west. July 2, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 207; New Dime Novels, no. 472; Half-Dime Library, nos. 52, 1142; Pocket Library, no. 36.

Scene changes from a border village in Missouri to a search for a white buffalo in the northwest, where Montana now is.


J. R. Caldwell. The Ocean Outlaw; or, The Stolen Sister. July 19, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 208; New Dime Novels, no. 392.

Vicinity of St. Augustine, Florida, in 1825. A Caribbean pirate steals his brother's child and establishes a home in Florida.


Andrew Dearborn. Scarred Eagle; or, Moorooine, the Sporting Fawn. A Story of Lake and Shore. August 2, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 209; Pocket Novels, no. 104.

The siege of the Fort at Detroit during Pontiac's War.


Joseph E. Badger. Redlaw, Half-Breed; or, The Tangled Trail. A Tale of the Settlements. August 16, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 210; Pocket Novels, no. 101; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 146; Pocket Library, no. 453.

Counterfeiters, cattle- and horse-thieves, and a Vigilance Committee in Kansas.


W. J. Hamilton. The Quadroon Spy; or, The Ranger's Bride. August 30, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 211; New Dime Novels, no. 397.

Expedition of Texas Rangers against a Mexican guerrilla band and its renegade English chief during the Texas war for independence.


Edward Willett. Silver Spur; or, The Mountain Heroine. A Tale of the Arapaho Country. September 13, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 212; Pocket Novels, no. 127; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 129; pocket Library, no. 439.

Indians, trappers, etc., in the Platte River country beyond Fort Laramie, in the old Nebraska Territory.


Joseph E. Badger. Squatter Dick; or, The Swamp Fox's Oath. A Tale of Troubled Times. September 27, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 213; Pocket Novels, no. 128; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 297.

The Carolinas when the "British ruled with the sword, the hangman's rope and the torch," and Marion became the Swamp Fox and Sumter, the Wild Night Rider.


Charles E. LaSalle. The Forest Monster; or, Lamora, the Maid of the Canon. October 11, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 214; New Dime Novels, no. 434.

Emigrant train and gold seekers—Indian encounters— Black Hills country.


William J. Hamilton. The White Hermit; or, The Unknown Foe. October 25, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 215; New Dime Novels, no. 452.

An Iroquois Indian tale of central New York. Time: end of seventeenth century.


Dr. William Mason Turner. Red Belt, the Tuscarora; or, The Death Trail. November 8, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 216; New Dime Novels, no. 399.

A tale of the Kanawha, in 1774. Dunmore's war. Time: when Ohio and West Virginia were frontiers.


William J. Hamilton. Mountain Gid, the Free Ranger; or, The Bandit's Daughter. November 22, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 217; New Dime Novels, no. 424.

A hermit trapper and his faithful dog in Saskatchewan. Mountain Gid is a cheerful liar. A robber band with a friendly girl member.


Joseph E. Badger. The Indian Spy; or, The Unknown Foe. A Romance of Early Kentucky. December 6, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 218; Pocket Novels, no. 106; boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 281.

Kentucky in the time of Simon Girty, Wctzel, and Kenton.


Edward Willett. The Scioto Scouts; or, The Shawnees Decoy. December 20, 1870.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 219; Pocket Novels, no. 139; boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 209.

A tale of the Ohio River and Kentucky in 1790.


P. Hamilton Myers. Nick Doyle, the Gold-Hunter. A Tale of California. January 3, 1871.

Found in: Irwin P. Beadle's American Novels (title varies. See Abbreviations under IAN), no. 25; Dime Novels, no. 220; Pocket Novels, no. 105; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 157; Pocket Library, no. 456.


Roger Starbuck. The Blue Clipper; or, The Smuggler Spy. January 17, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 221; New Dime Novels, no. 407.

Events in the Gulf of Mexico near Vera Cruz and ninety miles west of Tampico.


Joseph E. Badger. The Mad Ranger; or, The Hunters of the W abash. A Tale of Tecumseh's Time. January 31, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 222; New Dime Novels, no. 382.

Brought $10 at the O'Brien sale.

The Wabash country at the time of the Battle of Tippecanoe, 1811. Followed by Dime Novels, no. 227.


William J. Hamilton. Kit Bird, King of the Mountains; or, The Wild Man of the Hills. February 14, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 223; Pocket Novels, no. 122; Half-Dime Library, no. 337; Pocket Library, no. 328.

Adventures in the Rockies in Montana. A pompous Englishman in the wilds rubs the scouts the wrong way. Middle nineteenth century.


Charles E. LaSalle. The Mohave Captive; or, The Lost Hunters. February 28, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 224; Pocket Novels, no. 168; Half-Dime Library, no. 257.

Brought $11 at the O'Brien sale.

Mohave desert, California, and adventures among Mohaves and Apaches.


Edward Willett. Black Arrow, the Avenger; or, Judge Lynch on the Border. March 14, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 225; New Dime Novels, no. 412.

Brought $7.50 at the O'Brien sale.

Texas, about 1830, shortly before its admission as a state. Outlaws and a Vigilance Committee.


Frederick Whittaker. The Mustang Hunters; or, The Beautiful Amazon of the Hidden Valley. A Tale of the Staked Plains. March 28, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 226; Pocket Novels, no. 222; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 150; Pocket Library, no. 465.

The business of rounding up and breaking mustangs in the Llano Estacado of Texas. Followed by Dime Novels, no. 229.

Originally entitled "The Desert Queen" when published elsewhere.


Joseph E. Badger. The Forest Princess; or, The Kickapoo Captives. A Romance of the Illinois. April 11, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 227; New Dime Novels, no. 454.

A sequel to "The Mad Ranger" (Dime Novels,no. 222). An attack by Kickapoo Indians near Vincennes, Indiana, in April, 1812. Two scouts aid General Samuel Hopkins in putting down the outbreak.


C. Dunning dark. The Mute Chief; or, The Witch of Cherry Valley. A Tale of Ninety Years Ago. April 25, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 228; Pocket Novels, no. 141; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 196; Pocket Library, no. 474.

Cherry Valley, New York, 1768 to 1778. The massacre, November 10, 1778, by Tories and Indians, led by Walter Butler.


Frederick Whittaker. The Grizzly Hunters; or, The Navahoe Captives. A Tale of the Lost City of the Sierras. May 9, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 229; New Dime Novels, no. 381.

A sequel to "Mustang Hunters" (Dime Novels, no. 226). On the Rio de los Mimbres in southwestern New Mexico.


Joseph E. Badger. The Partisan Spy; or, The Witch of the Santee Swamps. May 23, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 230; New Dime Novels, no. 492.

Tory ruffians, the "Swamp Fox" Marion, etc., in Revolutionary times in South Carolina.


Charles E. LaSalle. The Texan Trailer; or, Davy Crockett's Last Bear-Hunt. June 6, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 231; Pocket Novels, no. 99; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 139.

Eastern Texas during the middle of the nineteenth century. An episode in the life of Davy Crockett, shortly before his death in the Alamo.


William J. Hamilton. The Prairie Queen; or, Tom Western, the Texan Ranger. June 20, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 232; Pocket Novels, no. 213; Half-Dime Library, no. 72; Pocket Library, no. 56.

Horse thieves, rangers, and Comanches in Texas.


J. R. Caldwell. The Privateer's Bride; or, The Channel Scud. July 4, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 233; New Dime Novels, no. 388.

Adventures of a privateer in the war with England.


Edward Willett. The Forest Specter; or, The Young Hunter's Foe. July 18, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 234; Pocket Novels, no. 172; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 133.

Miami county, Ohio, when men wore knee breeches, wigs, and cocked hats.


Frederick Whittaker. The Black Wizard. A Tale of the Fatal Circle of Invisible Fire. August 1, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 235; New Dime Novels, no. 386; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 311.

The Jornado del Muerto in New Mexico. A bad guide makes a compact with Apaches to rob and murder his party. The guide and Indians are electrocuted by heavily charged wires laid around the camp by a traveling "magician." The current was produced by a static machine consisting of a steel bar spun round and round by clockworks in front of the poles of a huge horseshoe magnet. A lie-detector chair was also described in the story.


Roger Starbuck. The Ice Fiend; or, The Hunted Whalemen. August 15, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 236; New Dime Novels, no. 401.

A tale of the Arctic Ocean.


William J. Hamilton. The Plymouth Scout; or, Eutawan, the Slayer. August 29, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 237; New Dime Novels, no. 435.

Early days of the Plymouth Colony.


Joseph E. Badger. Night-Hawk Kit; or, The Daughter of the Ranche. A Romance of the South-West. September 12, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 238; Half-Dime Library, no. 136; Pocket Novels, no. 183; Pocket Library, no. 106.

"Night Hawk" gang of outlaws on the Brazos River, Texas, 186-.


"Bruin" Adams. Old Zip; or, The Cabin in the Air. A Story of the Sioux Country. September 26, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 239; New Dime Novels, no. 473; Half-Dime Library, no. 70, 1154; Pocket Library, no. 54.

The story of a settler in northern Minnesota during the Indian troubles and the Minnesota massacre, 1862. "Old Zip" has a cabin built high up on the perpendicular face of a cliff, accessible by a rope ladder. A secret tunnel was prepared through the cliff to be used as a means of escape in case of danger.


Edward Willett. Swiftwing; or, The Phantom Warriors. October 10, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 240; New Dime Novels, no. 438.

Comanches attack a wagon train en route from the Red River to Santa Fe. A girl abducted—pursuit—Wingenund, the last sachem of the friendly Delawares, helps exterminate the band of Comanches—final rescue—death of Wingenund.


Joseph E. Badger. Mink Coat; or, The Death Shot of the Miamis. October 24, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 241; Pocket Novels, no. 130; Boy's Library (quarto edition), no. 119; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 126; Pocket Library, no. 440.

An Indian tale of the Miami Valley, Ohio. Tribulations of the early settlers.


C. Dunning dark. Graybeard, the Sorcerer; or, The Recluse of Mount Royale. November 7, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 242; New Dime Novels, no. 495.

Montreal region, Canada, in early Colonial times, during the military occupation by the French.


Joseph E. Badger. The Black Princess; or, The Border Refugees. November 21, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 243; New Dime Novels, no. 480.

Story of a great liar and a scout's love for the Black Princess. Based on Blackhawk's attempt, in 1831, to unite the Indian tribes against the settlers.


Percy B. St. John. Keetsea, the Queen of the Plains; or, The Enchanted Rock. December 5, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 244; Pocket Novels, no. 178; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 130.

Locale: seventy miles northwest of San Antonio de Bexar, Texas, in 1850. An alliance between two rival tribes of Indians against the whites, proposed by Wild Bull, falls through on account of the opposition of a young chief, Watash, who was against any compromise with the rival tribe.


Frederick Whittaker. The Red Prince; or, The Last of the Aztecs. A Romance of the Lost Palace. December 19, 1871.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 245; New Dime Novels, no. 402.

The Sierra Madre, in eastern Sonora, in 1865.


Edward Willett. The White Apache; or, The Lifted Trail. A Tale of the Mid-Ranges. January 2, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 246; Pocket Novels, no. 170; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 192; Pocket Library, no. 476.

Indian tale of the Santa Fe trail and the San Juan River country, in northwestern New Mexico.


Joseph E. Badger. Dusty Dick; or, Old Toby Castor's Great Campaign. A Story of the Last Sioux Outbreak. January 15, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 247; Pocket Novels, no. 98; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 155; Pocket Library, no. 459.

A companion story to "Mountain Kate" (Dime Novels, no. 264).

Troubles with the Sioux in Minnesota.


William J. Hamilton. Red Lightning; or, The Black League. A Tale of the Trading-Posts in 1760. January 31, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 248; Pocket Novels, no. 181; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 167.

A tale of Pontiac and the Detroit settlements.


Frederick Whittaker. Weetamora, the Squaw Sachem; or, The Earl's Half-breed Daughter. A Tale of Old Colony Days. February 14, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 249; New Dime Novels, no. 420.

This story deals with the breaking of the forty-year-old peace between the New England Indians and the Rhode Island settlers by King Philip in 1675.


Joseph E. Badger. The Border Renegade; or, The Lily of the Silver Lake. February 27, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 250; Pocket Novels, no. 140.

Attacks on early Michigan settlers in the Lake St. Clair region, in 1819, by roving bands of Delaware Indians, led by the infamous George Girty, brother of the more notorious Simon Girty.


Edward Willett. The Fire Eater; or, The Texan's Revenge. March 12, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 251; New Dime Novels, no. 409.

Bad men, Indians, and a prestidigitator in Texas early in the nineteenth century.


W. J. Hamilton. The Prairie Scourge; or, The Jaguar Pet. March 26, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 252; Pocket Novels, no. 180; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 233.

Arapaho country, near Santa Fe, New Mexico. A native American [!] cobra and a tame jaguar. Indians, scouts, and a man on vengeance bent.


Frederick Whittaker. The White Gladiator; or, Manola, the Sun-Child. A Tale of the Last of the Montezumas. April 9, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 253; New Dime Novels, no. 406.

Spanish conquistadors of Mexico in 1519.


Joseph E. Badger. The Outlaw Ranger; or, The Old Hunter's Last Trail. A Romance of the Missouri Settlements. April 23, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 254; Pocket Novels, no. 224; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 204; Pocket Library, no. 490.

Devil Davis' gang of outlaws—vigilantes—woodmen, etc., in northwestern Missouri.


Percy B. St. John. Blackhawk, the Bandit; or, The Indian Scout. May 7, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 255; New Dime Novels, no. 410.

Bandits and Indians in Texas, shortly after it had declared itself independent of Mexico.


Will Dexter. Antelope Abe, the Boy Guide; or, The Forest Bride. A Tale of the North-west. May 21, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 256, Half-Dime Library, nos. 27, 1035; Pocket Novels, no. 236; Pocket Library, no. 8.

Southwestern Iowa Indian tale of pioneer days.


William J. Hamilton. Old Avoirdupois; or, Steel Coat, the Apache Terror. June 4, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 257; New Dime Novels, no. 405.

An account of the adventures of a party of hunters and scouts on a trading expedition to the Apache country of New Mexico-Texas. A providential earthquake, and a lost daughter restored.


Captain Murray. The White Brave; or, The Flower of the Lenape Lodge. June 18, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 258; New Dime Novels, no. 481.

A story about Wingenund, a famous Delaware Indian. Muskingum in 1799. Followed by Dime Novels, no. 260.


Will Dexter. Keen Knife, Prince of the Prairies; or, The Traitor in the Camp. A Romance of the Woods, Prairies and Rivers. July 2, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 259; Half-Dime Library, no. 31, 1072; Pocket Novels, no. 199; Pocket Library, no. 16.

A good Indian in Iowa. The Lone Haunt in the woods and its fair prisoner. Some of the characters in "Antelope Abe" (Dime Novels, no. 256) reappear here.


Captain Murray. Wingenund, the Young Trail-Hunter; or, The Death of War Eagle. July 16, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 260; New Dime Novels, no. 491.

A sequel to "The White Brave" (Dime Novels, no. 258). More about the Delaware Indian, Wingenund.


Joseph E. Badger. Red Dan, the Ranger; or, The League of Three. A Tale of Colonial Times. July 30, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 261; New Dime Novels, no. 408.

Exciting times in the Carolinas. Steed Bonnet is one of the characters.


Edward Willett. The Twin Trailers; or, The Gamecock of El Paso. A Tale of the Texan Frontier. August 13, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 262; New Dime Novels, no. 415.

Apache raids in Texas; life in the missions and haciendas in the vicinity of El Paso.


William J. Hamilton. The Border Huntress; or, Wild Nat, the Gulch Terror. August 27, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 263; Pocket Novels, no. 165; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 292.

This novel has been listed incorrectly, in several places, as "Wild Dick."

A story of the rival Hudson's Bay and Northwestern Fur Companies' trappers in 1847. Indian troubles in the far Northwest.


Joseph E. Badger. Mountain Kate; or, Love in the Trapping Grounds. A Tale of the Powder River Country. September 10, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 264; Pocket Novels, no. 143; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 151.

A companion story to "Dusky Dick" (Dime Novels, no. 247). Trouble between trappers in Wyoming and Montana.


J. Stanley Henderson. The Blue Band; or, The Mystery of the Silver Star. A Romance of the Texan Border. September 24, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 265; New Dime Novels, no. 419.

Bandits along the Rio Grande, and the unsettled condition of the country shortly after the Mexican War.


William J. Hamilton. Wild Rube, the Young Trail-Hunter; or, The Scouts of Bradstreet. A Romance of the Onondaga. October 8, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 266; Pocket Novels, no. 102.

Locale: the vicinity of Oneida Lake and along the Oswego River, New York. A tale of the French and Indian war.


Frederick Whittaker. The Jaguar Queen; or, The Outlaws of the Sierra Madre. October 22, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 267; New Dime Novels, no. 389.

Northwestern New Mexico and Arizona. Hardships of a journey through the desert. A settlement of two large families in a hidden valley to which they had fled from Utah. The settlers decide to visit California, and en route, in the Mogollon Mountains, they meet a party of prospectors. A love tangle and the final slaying of the Jaguar Queen.


George Gleason. The Specter Riders; or, The Fort Mystery. A Romance of the Upper Missouri Country. November 5, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 268; Pocket Novels, no. 123; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 252.

Fort Binkley, on the prairies. The usual Colonel and his beautiful daughter, soldiers, and outlaws. Captivity and rescue from desperadoes.


Will Dexter. The Young Mustanger; or, The Red Terror of Texas. November 19, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 269; New Dime Novels, no. 470; Half-Dime Library, no. 41, 1111; Pocket Library, no. 19.

An Indian tale of the San Saba, Texas.


Joseph E. Badger. Black Panther, the Half-Blood; or, The Slaves of the Silver Mines. A Tale of Old Arizona. December 3, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 270; Pocket Novels, no. 116; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 142; Pocket Library, no. 446.

Episode in the Spanish conquest of Mexico and the uprising of the enslaved Indians. Locale: not far from the Colorado River, in Arizona, when this part of the country was a part of Mexico.


Edward Willett. The Gray Hunter; or, The White Spirit of the Apaches. A Tale of the Arizona Mountain Placers. December 17, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 271; New Dime Novels, no. 450.

The Santa Fe trail—the desert—mining in Arizona— Apache Indians.


William J. Hamilton. Single Hand, the Comanche Attila; or, The Chaparral Rangers. December 31, 1872.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 272; New Dime Novels, no. 468; Half-Dime Library, no. 66, 1137; Pocket Library, no. 50.

Encounters between rangers and Mexican outlaws and their Comanche allies in Texas.


Joseph E. Badger. Little Thunderbolt; or, The Rangers of the Carolinas. A Tale of the Skinners and Cowboys. January 14, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 273; New Dime Novels, no. 430.

Brought $3 at the O'Brien sale.

The Carolinas during Revolutionary days.


Frederick Whittaker. The Sea King; or, The Two Corvettes. A Thrilling Sea Romance of John Paul Jones, the Ocean Scourge. January 28, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 274; New Dime Novels, no. 423.

Early life of John Paul Jones, his departure from his home in Scotland, his appointment as Commodore of privateers, his fitting out of the "Ranger" in 1778 at Brest, France, his capture of the British corvette "Drake" and the brig "Arrow," and his return to Brest.


William J. Hamilton. Nick, the Scout; or, The Death Man of the Navajoes. February 11, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 275; Pocket Novels, no. 110; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 206.

The rescue of a captive in the Navajo country, New Mexico.


Joseph E. Badger. Two-Handed Mat; or, The Angel of the Mountains. February 25, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 276; Pocket Novels, no. 119; Half-Dime Library, no. 335; Pocket Library, no. 308.

Diamond seekers in the Mogollon Range, Arizona. There must be diamonds! "They say so—in the papers. It must be true, for, as everybody knows, they never lie."


Edward Willett. Abdiel, the Avenger; or, The Madman of the Miami. March 11, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 277; Pocket Novels, no. 117; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 269.

Brought $6.50 at the O'Brien sale.

Indian uprising in 1780 and repulse of the Shawnees by George Rogers Clark in Ohio and Kentucky.


Frederick Whittaker. Boone, the Hunter; or, The Backwoods Belle. A Romance of Early Life in Virginia. March 25, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 278; Pocket Novels, no. 142; Boy's Library (quarto edition), no. 92; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 79.

Pioneer and plantation life in the Yadkin Valley, North Carolina and Kentucky, in 1769. An episode in the life of Daniel Boone when he went west to found a landed estate so that his brother, Squire, might marry a planter's daughter with whom he was in love. The planter loses his estate by gambling, and Daniel returns in the nick of time to prevent the marriage of his brother's sweetheart to a card sharp.


Joseph E. Badger. The Girl Captain; or, The Reprisal of Blood. A Tale of Feud, Vengeance and Blood. April 8, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 279; Pocket Novels, no. 125; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 266.

Revolutionary days in the Carolinas; the swamp region and its people; the "cowboys" and the "skinners."


William J. Hamilton. Border Vengeance; or, The Night-Hawk's Daughter. A Talc of the Territories. April 23, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 280; Pocket Novels, no. 174; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 225.

A gang of outlaws, and a search for a father's murderer in Kansas.


Captain "Bruin" Adams. The Black Spy; or, The Yellowstone Trail. May 6, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 281; New Dime Novels, no. 441.

An Indian story of the upper Missouri River.


Frederick Whittaker. Ruby Roland, the Girl Spy; or, Simon Kenton's Protege. May 20, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 282; New Dime Novels, no. 457.

Place: The region between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, some distance north and west of Boonesboro, Ky., and in northwestern Illinois. Kenton and Boone. The Kaskaskie Expedition under the command of George Rogers Clark is the particular episode of this tale.


Joseph E. Badger. The Lone Chief; or, The Trappers of the Saskatchewan. A Tale of the Long Trail. June 3, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 283; Pocket Novels, no. 145; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 178.

Northern Canada, in the Saskatchewan River country, shortly after the Civil War. Cree Indians—Blackbird, the Omaha chief—trappers, etc. Followed by Dime Novels, no. 296.


Captain J. F. C. Adams. The Young Spy; or, Nick Whiffles among the Modocs. A Romance of the North-west. June 17, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 284; Half-Dime Library, no. 34, 1140; Pocket Novels, no. 201; Pocket Library, no.17.

Skirmishes between Hudson's Bay Company's trappers and Modoc Indians of Oregon and northern California. Date about 1850. The story is based on romantic tales about the scout, Nick Whiffles. "When a man has got to say yes or no, and can't for his life make up his mind which he orter say, then I allow he's in a condemned diffikilty."


Maj. Max Martine. Old Bear-Paw, the Trapper King; or, The Love of a Blackfoot Queen. July 1, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 285; Pocket Novels, no. 100; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 162.

Gold seekers and Indians in the Black Hills.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Masked Avenger; or, Death on the Trail. A Tale of the South-west frontier. July 15, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 286; Pocket Novels, no. 114; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 147; Pocket Library, no. 443.

Santa Fe wagon train—a band of a hundred outlaws, Indians, Mexicans and Americans in southwestern Texas.


William J. Hamilton. Ethan Allen's Rifles; or, The Green-Mountain Boys. July 29, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 287; New Dime Novels, no. 429.

Bennington, Vermont, and vicinity. Time: before the beginning of the Revolution. Resistance of Ethan Allen and his neighbors to the execution of writs of ejectment issued against Vermont settlers by the Governor of New York.


Joseph E. Badger. The Wood King; or, Daniel Boone's Last Trail. A Romance of the Osage Country. August 12, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 288; Pocket Novels, no. 108; Half-Dime Library, no. 355.

Daniel Boone, some six years before his death in 1820, assists in suppressing the Indian uprisings in what is now Howard County, Missouri.


Capt. "Bruin" Adams. The Balloon Scouts; or, The White Indians of the Yellowstone. A Tale of the Great Parks. August 26, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 289; Half-Dime Library, nos. 60, 1153; Pocket Novels, no. 205; Pocket Library, no. 44.

A balloon in the Yellowstone country, Wyoming—an exploring expedition—rescue of a white girl.


Prentiss Ingraham. Captain of Captains; or, The "Broom of the Seas." A Story of the Moorish Captives. September 9, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 290; New Dime Novels, no. 417.

Fights with Moorish and AIgerine corsairs at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, and shortly before Decatur settled with tlie Dey of Tripoli. A white captive of the Moors, after 15 years, becomes Admiral of the corsair fleet. His twin brother is now an officer in the American navy. The two officers finally become known to each other, and both return to the United States.


William J. Hamilton. The Warrior Princess; or, The Pride of the Everglades. September 23, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 291; New Dime Novels, no. 418.

A Spanish and Indian tale of the Tampa Bay country, Florida, in 1539.


Joseph E. Badger. Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life. October 7, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 292; Half-Dime Library, nos. 48, 1164; Pocket Novels, no. 198; Pocket Library, no. 32.

Outlaws and Kickapoos in Kansas during the bad old days of the early settlements.


Edward Willett. The Tonkawa Spy, or, The Comanche Foray. October 21, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 293; Pocket Novels, no. 179.

Northwestern Texas in 1835. Battle with Indians. Grant, Burleson, Johnson, Houston, Fannin, and Caldwell are mentioned.


Roger Starbuck. The Rival Rovers; or, The Flying Wake. November 4, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 294; New Dime Novels, no. 466; Half-Dime Library, no. 114; Pocket Library, no. 104.

Locale: An island near the Fijis and adjacent seas. Time: early part of the nineteenth century.


William J. Hamilton. Arkansas Kit; or, The River Sprite's Choice. A Tale of the Crowfoot Country. November 18, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 295; New Dime Novels, no. 427.

Indian tale of Arkansas in the early days, when that part of the country was the hunting grounds of the Indians.


Joseph E. Badger. Death Trailer; or, The Scourge of the Plain Crees. December 2, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 296; New Dime Novels, no. 425.

This is a sequel to "The Lone Chief" (Dime Novles, no. 283). Scout, hunter, fur traders, and Indians in the Saskatchewan River country in the Canadian northwest.


Frederick Whittaker. Black Nick, the Hermit of the Hills; or, The Expiated Crime. A Story of Burgoyne's Surrender. December 16, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 297; Pocket Novels, no. 121; Half-Dime Library, no. 331; Boy's Library (octavo edition), no. 187.

The forests between the Hudson River and the Mississippi are the scene of this story. The time is during the Revolutionary War.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Hussar Captain; or, The Hermit of Hell-Gate. December 30, 1873.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 298; Half-Dime Library, no. 116; Pocket Novels, no. 219; Pocket Library, no. 87.

New York City and adjacent waters in 1776. General Howe takes part in the story.


William J. Hamilton. Mossfoot, the Brave; or, The Fat Scout of Oneida Lake. January 13, 1874.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 299; New Dime Novels, no. 475.

An Indian tale of the Mohawk Valley, New York, during the Revolution.

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