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Noel Dunbar. The True Heart Pards; or, The Gentleman Vagabond. A Romance of Texas and New York. May 23, 1888.

Date: Sometime in the 1870's.


Jackson Knox. Spring Steel Steve, the Retired Detective; or, The Relentless Shadower. A History of the Willard Mystery. May 30, 1888.

In the vicinity of White Plains, New York. A murdered man, an unwanted girl witness, and one of the villains who was not all bad.


Philip S. Warne. Bareback Buck, the Centaur of the Plains; or, The Trail of Six. A Romance of Spur, Saddle and Trains. June 6, 1888.

Western Missouri and the plains farther west. Running away from an unwelcome suitor.


William R. Eyster. The Dude from Denver; or, The Game at Ground Hog. June 13, 1888.

Considerable shooting, a necktie party, an abduction, a duel at dawn, etc., at Ground Hog Gulch, somewhere in the west.


Joseph E. Badger. Solemn Saul, the Sad Man from San Saba; or, The Big Shell-Out. A Romance of the End of the Road. June 20, 1888.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 514, Dime Library, no. 535, Dime Library, no. 547.

Solemn Saul as a thimblerigger. A handcar race, a fight between rival railroad gangs, etc.


Howard Holmes. Phil Fox, the Genteel Spotter; or, The Private Secretary's Oath. A Story of the Sharks and Sharps of New York. June 27, 1888.

A stolen will. 188-


William H. Manning. Uncle Honest, the Peacemaker of Hornet's Nest; or, Yank Yellowbird versus the Leather Jackets. July 4, 1888.

Up in a balloon in Idaho.


George C. Jenks. The Drummer Detective; or, The Dead Straight Trail. A Romance of a Colorado Camp. July 11, 1888.

A mining-town detective story.


Daniel Boone Dumont. Topnotch Tim, the Mad Parson; or, The Bad Men of the Basin. The Romance of a Wilderness Lay-Out. July 18, 1888.

A parson who could handle the cards as well as he could preach.


Jackson Knox. Old Falcon, the Thunderbolt Detective; or, The Fateful Legacy. The Romance of a Celebrated Case. July 25, 1888.

Tarrytown, New York. A convict tells where loot is hidden, then dies. Treasure and trouble.


Prentiss Ingraham. El Moro, the Corsair Commodore; or, The Lion of the Lagoon. A Romance of the Gulf of Mexico and its Shores Four Score Years Ago. August 1, 1888.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 136; Dime Library, no. 510.


Sam S. Hall. Paint Pete, the Prairie Patrol; or, The Rival Rancheros. August 8, 1888.

Western Texas in the 1850's.


Howard Holmes. Captain Velvet's Big Stake; or, The Gold Goths of No Man's Ground. A Romance of Shasta. August 15, 1888.

Sacramento. A story of the outlaws and miners of Shasta in the 1870's.


William H. Manning. Texas Tartar, the Man with Nine Lives; or, Yank Yellowbird's Best Yank. August 22, 1888.

In the far northwest near the Canadian line. Smugglers and customs officers, an interrupted wedding, trouble and more trouble.


Joseph E. Badger. Gabe Gunn, the Grizzly from Ginseng; or, Solemn Saul's Seraph. August 29, 1888.

Sequence: Dime Library, no. 504, Dime Library, no. 514, Dime Library, no. 535, Dime Library, no. 547.

A "far Western town," Solemn Saul still a thimblerigger.

"Did ye ketch the p'izen critter, gents?" he quavered. "I kin take my davy to him ef ye did, an'--"

"Le's look at your gun, stranger," bluntly interrupted Hawk, holding out his hairy left paw, pistol gripped in its mate with muzzle covering the stranger's person. "We ain't so mighty sure but what we hev ketched him a'ter all! Show your gun, pardner!"

"You kin hev it ef ye want," murmured the stranger, with a sickly smile upon his long face as he produced a cheap, diminutive toy, sometimes miscalled a revolver, 22 caliber.

" 'Tain't loaded, fer I'm skeered o' the pesky things, an' only tote it fer to keep in the swim."

Intentionally or not, he could not have offered a better or more effectual plea than this. Big John Hawk recoiled with an exaggerated look of horror on his bronzed visage, his huge paw shivering as he motioned the stranger to put up his terrible armament.

"Put 'er up, pard--put 'er back in bed afore she ketches cold an' gits the croup!" he gasped, leaning heavily upon his nearest neighbor. "You ain't the man! Ef that cannon bed 'sploded, they wouldn't be no mo' Headlight, nur never a one o' us this side o' the divide to ax how happened iti Put 'er up--the weenty, teenty, 'ittle sing!"


Jackson Knox. Short Stop Maje, the Diamond Field Detective; or, Old Falcon's Master Game. A Story of a Great Sensation. September 5, 1888.

Owensburg, New York, and New York City. Medical College baseball team, with the detective as shortstop. A house with secret passageways, false doorways, etc.


Premiss Ingraham. Chatard, the Dead-Shot Duelist; or, The Fateful Heritage. A Romance of Reality in the Sunny South, Half a Century Ago. September 12, 1888.

Virginia, accidental death, and a murder charge.


Ned Buntline. Buffalo Bill's First Trail; or, Will Cody, the Pony Express Rider. September 19, 1888.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 127; Dime Library, no. 517.

This novel occurrs also with the number 517 as an Ivers' reprint. Usually the Ivers' reprints were given new numbers.


John W. Osbon. Royal Richard, the Thoroughbred; or, Long Pete Jenkins's Convoy. September 26, 1888.

Southwestern Colorado, 188-. Usual "Western" with gamblers, shooting, outlaws, and buried Spanish treasure.


J. C. Cowdrick. Old Riddles, the Rocky Mountain Ranger; or, The Reservation Castaways. October 3, 1888.

This story is followed by Dime Library, no. 557.

About 1866 in Colorado. A dead man's treasure. "Night Hawks."


Albert W. Aiken. The Lone Hand on the Caddo; or, The Bad Man of the Big Bayou. October 10, 1888.

Louisiana. Room 13--a mysterious burglar who uses a stupifying gas--$50,000 stolen--a detective and an actor as sleuths--recovered at last.


William H. Manning. Paradise Sam, the Nor'west Pilot; or, Yank Yellowbird's Great "Diskivery" October 17, 1888.

Montana. Further adventures of this humorous detective.


Philip S. Warne. The Champion Three; or, Six-Foot Si's Clean Sweep. A Companion Story to "Bare-back Buck, the Centaur of the Plains." October 24, 1888

Western outlaws after the "Lost Mine."


Howard Holmes. Reynard of Red Jack; or, The Lost Detective. October 31, 1888.

Mining town in Dakota. A search for a missing sleuth.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Chaser; or, The Pirate Noble. A Romance of Love and Hatred on Sea and Shore. November 7, 1888.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 530.

Locale: Gulf of Mexico and Mobile Bay. Pirate and slaver --a kidnapped boy--a duel in Massachusetts--silencing a witness--a jail break.


William R. Eyster. Fresh Frank, the Derringer Daisy; or, Millions on the Turn. November 14, 1888.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 525; Dime Library, no. 1091.

Placer diggings somewhere in the West at "Brace Box," and an outlaw gang called the "Black Eagles."


George C. Jenks. Death Grip, the Tenderfoot Detective; or, A Still Hunt for Old Secrecy. November 21, 1888.

Colorado horse thieves, counterfeiters, and bad men generally.


Joseph E. Badger. Dandy Andy, the Diamond Detective; or, The Twins of Tip-Top. November 28, 1888.

Mining town of "Tip-Top," somewhere in the West. Usual Western detective story.


A. K. Sims. Huckleberry, the Foot-Hills Detective; or, The Rival Ranchmen. A Romance of the Great Colorado Ranges. December 5, 1888.

Colorado, contemporary. Montague and Capulet in the cow country.


Albert W. Aiken. The Fresh in New York; or, The Vendetta of Hate. A Story of Plot and Counterplot. December 12, 1888.

Sequence of series: Dime Library, no. 461, Dime Library, no. 497, Dime Library, no. 529, Dime Library, no. 537.

New York City. Horse racing, matching pennies for $10,000, etc.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Savages of the Sea; or, The Avenging Cruiser. December 19, 1888.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 524.

A 12-page catalogue of Beadle publications is included with the early editions of this number. A continuation of Don Moro's plot against the Grayhursts.


William H. Manning. Saddle-Chief Kit, the frame Centaur; or, The Border Blacksmith's Terrible Temptation. December 26, 1888.

"Sigotch," a middle western town. Kit decides, as soon as he sees the "man-hater," that he will marry her, and eventually he does.


Howard Holmes. Jack Javert, the Independent Detective; or, Captain Cinnabar in New York. January 2, 1889.

New York City detective story, 1887. A fortune teller, a case of suspended animation, a dwarf, a dead girl, a murder, a queer bomb, etc.


William R. Eyster. Oregon, the Sport with a Scar; or, The Best Men of Brace Box. January 9, 1889.

Saloons, gambling, plenty of bad men, a female sport, etc. in the West.


Marmeduke Dey. Green Mountain Joe; or, The Counterfeiters' Cave. January 16, 1889.

New York and Vermont. No capture of counterfeiters, no reward--"I'll bet my share of the reward against yours that we get them."


Joseph E. Badger. Dandy Dutch, the Decorator from Dead-Lift; or, Saul Sunday's Search for Glory. January 23, 1889.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 504, Dime Library, no. 514, Dime Library, no. 535, Dime Library, no. 547.

Solemn Saul again. A plot against a bank clerk.


Jackson Knox. Old Falcon's Foe; or, The Matchless Detective's Swell Job. A romance of the Cosmopolitan Express Car Mystery. January 30, 1889.

Sequence of stories: Dime Library, no. 509, Dime Library, no. 515, Dime Library, no. 536.

New York to Boston.


Albert W. Aiken. Blake, the Mountain Lion; or, The Fresh against the Field. February 6, 1889.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 461, Dime Library, no. 497, Dime Library, no. 529, Dime Library, no. 537.

Old Mexico and Arizona. Blake pursues the murderess of his wife.


George C. Jenks. Rube Rocket, the Tent Detective; or, The Treacherous Two. A Romance of the Ring. February 13, 1889.

Belle Isle, Detroit, and other points in Michigan. A circus story.


William H. Manning. Old Doubledark, the Wily Detective; or, The Invisible Foe's Masquerade. February 20, 1889.

Vicinity of New York. A professional blackmailer--a detective and his troubles.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Fleet Scourge; or, The Sea Wings of Salem. A Romance of Whalers and Sea Rovers. February 27, 1889.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 546, Dime Library, no. 553.

Salem, Massachusetts. Early nineteenth century. A murder, an innocent woman hanged. Africa, a prisoner of Arabs, back in America, arrested, a pirate, etc.


Joseph E. Badger. Major Magnet, the Man of Nerve; or, The Muck-a-Mucks of Animas. A Romance of the Silver Range. March 6, 1889.

Colorado. Train robbers on the D. & R. G. Ry. foiled by the reputed daughter of the robber chief, who was actually the daughter of Major Magnet.


A. F. Holt. The Ocean Drift; or, The Fight for Two Lives. A Sea and Shore Romance. March 13, 1889.

Boston. Heiress and wicked guardian, kidnapped from an ocean liner, Banks of Newfoundland, adrift, rescued, recaptured, escape, etc.


Howard Holmes. The Magnate Detective; or, Major Million's Joust with the Witch. A Tale of the Grapplers of Gotham. March 20, 1889.

A 12-page catalogue of Beadle publications is included with the early editions of this number. The failure of a desperate play for millions.


Philip S. Warne. The Back to Back Pards; or, Tom Templeton's Tourney. A Romance of the Double Camp. March 27, 1889.

In preliminary announcements, the sub-title of this number was given as "The Right Man in the Wrong Place." Southern California, 187-. Fandangos and Spanish ladies.


William G. Patten. Hustler Harry, the Cowboy Sport; or, Daring Dan Share's General Delivery. April 3, 1889.

Cimarron City, Colorado. Outlaws, kidnappers, etc. of the usual type.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Doomed Whaler; or, The Life Wreck. A Romance of Sea-Birds of Prey. April 10, 1889.

Sequence of series: Dime Library, no. 540, Dime Library, no. 546, Dime Library, no. 553.

Early nineteenth century. Massachusetts, Vermont, and the sea. Mark Montjoy is killed by a mob and Lola LaSalle is hanged for a murder she did not commit.


Joseph E. Badger. The Buried Detective; or, Saul Sunday's Six Sensations. An Over-the-Range Romance. April 17, 1889.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 504, Dime Library, no. 514, Dime Library, no. 535.

Solemn Saul, counterfeiters, and the "Silver Death" spider.


Jackson Knox. Falconbridge, the Sphinx Detective; or, The Siren of the Baleful Eye. The Romance of a Strange Case. April 24, 1889.

A mysterious poisoner and a clairvoyant.


William R. Eyster. Belshazzar Brick, the Bailiff of Blue Blazes; or, Four Horse Frank's Frolic at Bad Luck Bar. May 1, 1889.

A plot over a mine at "Blue Blazes," somewhere in the West.


Howard Holmes. Silk Hat, the Mohave Ferret; or, The Marked Man of Arizona. May 8, 1889.

Southern Arizona. A slip-up in a "rigged" lottery--a Mohave detective--Cactus Clara and Juarez the One-Eyed.


William H. Manning. Garry Kean, the Man with Backbone; or, The Gladiators of Jack's Delight. A Story of the Idaho Mines. May 15, 1889.

A story of an Idaho mining town and the usual hangers-on.


A. K. Sims. Prince Primrose, the Flower of the Flock; or, The Grand Coup at Paradise Gulch. A Romance of Silverland. May 22, 1889.

New Mexico. Cowboys--a fandango--accused of theft--the Queen of the ranch--an abduction--a lost will and a valuable mine.


Prentiss Ingraham. Monte, the Mutineer, or, The Branded Brig. May 29, 1889.

Sequence of stories: Dime Library, no. 540, Dime Library, no. 546, Dime Library, no. 553.

Salem and the sea during the War of 1812. Adventures of the son of Mark Montjoy and the children of Lola LaSalle Rutledge.


George C. Jenks. Mad Sharp, the Rustler; or, The Drummer Detective's Big Lay-Out. A Romance of the Hidden River. June 5, 1889.

Chicago and Colorado. A buried will and $20,000 in gold dust found after many difficulties, but a later will makes the first one invalid.


Joseph E. Badger. Grip-Sack Sid, the Sample Sport; or, The Rivals of Rock-About Range. June 12, 1889.

Somewhere out West. Who killed Bailey Thorpe?


Albert W. Aiken. Fresh, the Sport-Chevalier; or, The Big Racket at Slide-Out. A Romance of Southwest Arizona. June 19, 1889.

Arizona. Trouble over a mine.


J. C. Cowdrick. The Mountain Graybeards; or, Old Riddles' Greatest Riddle. The Story of a Town with a Mystery. June 26, 1889.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 519.

In the Rockies, 186-. Zeb Horn, his book of riddles, and his dog, Napoleon.


William R. Eyster. Hurrah Harry, the High-Horse from Halcyon; or, High Old Times at Hard Pan. July 3, 1889.

Tough town of "Hard Pan." Captain Cowl again.


Howard Holmes. Danton, the Shadow Sharp; or,The Queen of the Hidden Hands. July 10, 1889.

New York City. "The Hidden Hands" gang is exterminated.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Man from Mexico; or, The Idol of Last Chance. A Story of Gold Mines and Gold Trails. July 17, 1889.

Locales: A southern city and Colorado. Gold Ghouls or Devil's Dozen.


Jackson Knox. The Thug King; or, The Falcon Detective's Invisible Foe. July 24, 1889.

Paris and New York. Falconbridge marries Leah Isaacstein.


Albert W. Aiken. Lone Hand, the Shadow; or, The Master of the Triangle Ranch. A Romance of the Wichita Country. July 31, 1889.

Greer County, Texas. Cowboys, ranchers, and the "Red Wolves of Wichita."


William H. Manning. Wyoming Zeke, the Hotspur of Honeysuckle; or, Old Humility's Hard Road to Travel. August 7, 1889.

Madam Mystery, fortune teller, in a Western mining town.


Joseph E. Badger. The Grip-Sack Sharp; or, The Seraphs of Sodom. August 14, 1889.

A gang of road agents, "out West."


J. C. Cowdrick. Prince Paul, the Postman Detective; or, Crushing a Serpent's Head. The Romance of a Double Trouble. August 21, 1889.

New York City, contemporary.


T. W. King. The Dauntless Detective; or, The Daughter Avenger. A Romance of Secret Service Mysteries. August 28, 1889.

New York City and the waters of Long Island Sound, 187-.


Philip S. Warne. Captain Midnight, the Man of Craft; or, The Road-Knight's Plot. A Romance of the Cony Flat Rivals. September 4, 1889.

In the heart of the Rockies.


William R. Eyster. The Dude Detective; or, Phelim McGallagin's Hard Luck Hustle. September 11, 1889.

"Out West."


Howard Holmes. Captain Cobra, the Hooded Mystery; or, The Quickened Dead. A Romance of the Santa Barbara Hills. September 18, 1889.

Gold miners and outlaws in southern California.


Albert W. Aiken. The Actress Detective; or, The Invisible Hand. The Romance of an Implacable Mission. September 25, 1889.

New York City. A story of the stage. The actor and the shop girl inherit the fortune which the plotter tried so hard to gain.


William G. Patten. Old Dismal, the Range Tramp; or, The Hidden Cabin of Wind Canyon. A Romance of Northwest Wyoming. October 2, 1889.

Wyoming and the Black Hills. Indians, emigrants, and outlaws.


George C. Jenks. Jaunty Joe, the Jockey Detective; or, Big Stages for the Winner! October 9, 1889.

Cleveland, Ohio, racing story.


Daniel Boone Dumont. The Witch of Shasta; or, The Man of Cheek. A Romance of California. October 16, 1889.

San Francisco, California, and Glengartney, in the shadow of Shasta.


Jackson Knox. Old Falcon's Double; or, The Great Detective's Finishing Stroke. A Tale of Detective Art and Adventure in New York and Abroad, Afloat and Ashore. October 23, 1889.

A trail from New York to Connecticut, Bermuda, and Paris.


William H. Manning. Steady Hand, the Napoleon of Detectives; or, Clover Crookback's Police Puzzle. October 30, 1889.


Joseph E. Badger. Silver-Tongued Sid; or, The Grip-Sack Sharp's Clean Sweep. November 6, 1889.

Companion story to Dime Library, no. 617 and Dime Library, no. 661.

Somewhere "out West."


Albert W. Aiken. Tom of California; or, The Actress Detective's Shadow Act. November 13, 1889.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 570.

New York and Long Branch. A female detective who could impersonate a man to perfection. Tracking the "Invisible Hand" gang.


William R. Eyster. Seven-Shot Steve, the Sharp with a Smile; or, Dan Garland's Great Clean-Up. November 20, 1889.

Stagecoach days in the mining town of "Broad-Ax," somewhere "out West."


Howard Holmes. Old Cormorant, the Veteran Vidocq; or, The Master Detective's Master Stroke. November 27, 1889.

The Bowery and other parts of New York City.


J. C. Cowdrick. Shadowing a Shadow; or, The Pacific Slope Detective's Triple Trail. A Romance of the Man of Three Lives. December 4, 1889.

San Francisco and New York.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Outlawed Shipper; or, The Gantlet Runner. A Romance of the Coast and High Seas in Privateering and Pirate Times. December 11, 1889.

Boston and along the coast in 177-, just before the Revolution.


Jackson Knox. Joram, the Detective Expert; or, A Desperate Woman's Desperate Game. December 18, 1889.

Detective story of New York City and vicinity.


Philip S. Warne. Captain Adair, the Cattle King; or, A Red Ransomer. A Tale of Oklahoma's Busters and Boomers. December 25, 1889.

Oklahoma in 1880. Struggle between "Movers" and Cattle Kings for land rightfully belonging by treaty to the Indians.


Ned Buntline. Fire Feather, the Buccaneer King. A Tale of the Caribbean Sea. January 1, 1890.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 114; Dime Library, no. 584.


William H. Manning. Dan Dixon's Double; or, The Deadlock at Danger Divide. A Romance of the Digger's Folly Mystery. January 8, 1890.

The Commissioner of Public Works, somewhere out West, is the real criminal.


Albert W. Aiken. The Silver Sharp Detective; or, The Big Rustle at XL Ranch. A Story of Wyoming. January 15, 1890.

From Wall Street to Wyoming. Contemporary.


Prentiss Ingraham. Conrad, the Sailor Spy; or, The True Hearts of '76. An Afloat and Ashore Romance of Revolutionary Days. January 22, 1890.

Massachusetts coast at the beginning of the Revolution.


Joseph E. Badger. Sandy Sands, the Sharp of Snap City; or, Hoist by his Own Petard. January 29, 1890.

"New Dorado," somewhere out West. Captain Kidd and his "Billy Goat Gang."


Charles Morris. Prince Hal, the Rattling Detective; or, Pat Lyon, the Master Locksmith. February 5, 1890.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 148; Dime Library, no. 589.


William R. Eyster. Gentle Jack, the High Roller from Humbug; or, The Dark Deal at Doubledeck. A Romance of the Gray Mare Mine. February 12, 1890.

Mining town of "Double Deck," California. "Copper Cap" gang.


J. C. Cowdrick. Duke Daniels, the Society Detective; or, Caging the Uncanny Birds. A Story of the Baffling Russelford Mystery. February 19, 1890.

New York City. A kidnapping and a plot to separate man and wife.


Howard Holmes. Captain Sid, the Shasta Ferret; or, The Rivals of Sunset. A Romance of the Rattlesnake Mine. February 26, 1890.

A story of a California mining town.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Rebel; or, The Red Rovers of the Revolution. A Tale of Romance and Adventure on Land and Sea. March 5, 1890.

Massachusetts and adjacent waters during the Revolution. American, British, and pirate ships.


Albert W. Aiken. Fire Face, the Silver King's Foe; or, The Mysterious Highwayman. A Tale of Colorado. March 12, 1890.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 114; Dime Library, no. 594.


Jackson Knox. Wellborn, the Upper-Crust Detective; or, Players for the Challoner Millions. A Tale of Detective Work among the Four Hundred. March 19, 1890.

New York City. An English lord, aided by a Church of England curate attempts to marry an American fortune by a blackmail scheme.


William H. Manning. Rustler Rube, the Round-Up Detective; or, The Big-Horn Valley Double Disaster. March 26, 1890.

A proposed tunnel to connect a mining town in the Big Horn Valley, Wyoming, with the outside world. Plot and counterplot.


Joseph E. Badger. Big Bandy, the Brigadier of Brimstone Butte; or, The Secrets of the Hollow Hill. April 2, 1890.

An election for sheriff in Missouri some time in the 1870's. A dispute over land ownership.


J. C. Cowdrick. The Dominie Detective; or, The Deedham Sensation. The Romance of the Barremore Resurrection. April 9, 1890.

Locale: Deedham, 20 miles from New York. To obtain a fortune, a man married the double of a woman, just buried, who later comes to life in a dissecting room.


William F. Cody. The Dead Shot Nine; or, My Pards of the Plains. April 16, 1890.

Found in: Beadle's Weekly/Banner Weekly (various title changes), no. 157; Dime Library, no. 599.

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