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Mayne Reid. The Rifle Rangers; or, Adventures in Southern Mexico. August 23, 1882.

Originally published in London in 1850.

With the invading United States army in Mexico in 1846-48.


Joseph E. Badger. The Pirate of the Placers; or, Joaquin's Death Hunt. August 30, 1882.

Brought $15 at the O'Brien sale.

This is the fourth Murieta tale; sequence, Dime Library, no. 88, Dime Library, no. 154, Dime Library, no. 165, Dime Library, no. 201.


Mark Wilton. Cactus Jack, the Giant Guide; or, The Masked Robbers of Black Bend. A Story of New Mexico. September 6, 1882.

"Cactus Jack!" The name has a familiar sound! And it brought only 25¢ at the O'Brien sale! New Mexico when Apaches were still at large.


Albert W. Aiken. The Double Detective; or, The Midnight Mystery. A Romance of the Southland, of the Mysteries of New Orleans, and of the Many Men and Many Women of Many Lands who Dwell in the Crescent City. September 13, 1882.

Found in: Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 625; Dime Library, no. 203.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 196.


Sam S. Hall. Big Foot Wallace, the King of the Lariat; or, Wild Wolf, the Waco. September 20, 1882.

† Rewritten as Half-Dime Library, no. 349.

Brought $13 at the O'Brien sale.

San Antonio in early days. Big Foot Wallace was an early Texan.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Gambler Pirate; or, Bessie, the Lady of the Lagoon. September 27, 1882.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 198, and followed by Dime Library, no. 210 and Dime Library, no. 216.

The Gulf of Mexico and the vicinity of New Orleans in the early nineteenth century.


Frederick Whittaker. One Eye, the Cannoneer; or, Marshal Ney's Last Legacy. A Story of the Exile of St. Helena. October 4, 1882.

Sequence of stories: Dime Library, no. 187, Dime Library, no. 193, Dime Library, no. 206.

Attempt to rescue Napoleon from St. Helena, 1815. Finis.


Philip S. Warne. Old Hard Head; or, Whirlwind and his Milk-White Mare. A Tale of the Kioway Country. October 11, 1882.

An Indian story of Texas and Chihuahua.


Mayne Reid. The White Chief. A Romance of Northern Mexico. October 18, 1882.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 208; Dime Library, no. 1072.

Originally published in London in 1855. Mexico and the Llano Estacado, when Spanish power in America was on the decline.


Edward Willett. Buck Farley, the Bonanza Prince; or, The Romance of Death Gulch. October 25, 1882.

Locale: California, 1872. A man is thrown over a cliff into a seemingly inaccessible valley and there meets another man who has lived for twelve years in the abyss, unable to get out. Both finally escape and get their revenge.


Prentiss Ingraham. Buccaneer Bess, the Lioness of the Sea; or, The Red Sea Trail. A Romance of the Gulf of Mexico and its Shores. November 1, 1882.

Gulf coast and Louisiana. It is of the usual type of Ingraham's pirate stories.

Dime Library, no. 198, Dime Library, no. 205, Dime Library, no. 210, and Dime Library, no. 216 are companion stories.


Frederick Whittaker. Colonel Plunger; or, The Unknown Sport. A Story of Life as it is Round the City. November 8, 1882.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 211; Dime Library, no. 1086.

New York race-track story.


Sam S. Hall. The Brazos Tigers; or, The Minute-Men of Fort Belknap. A Tale of Sport and Peril in Texas. November 15, 1882.

Young county, Texas, about 1850, when Comanches and buffalo roamed the plains.


Mayne Reid. The War Trail; or, The Hunt of the Wild Horse. November 22, 1882.

Previously published in America by G. W. Carleton & Co. in 1857.

Mexico during the American invasion in 1846.


William R. Eyster. The Two Cool Sports; or, Gertie of the Gulch. A Story of the Hidden City. November 29, 1882.

Indians and bad men in the mining camps of the Southwest.


Frederick Whittaker. Parson Jim. King of the Cowboys; or, The Gentle Shepherd's Big "Clean-Out." A Story of the Colorado Cattle Trail. December 6, 1882.

Brought $2.50 at the O'Brien sale.

Colorado in 1878. Cowboys--running for the legislature--and she proposed although it was not leap year.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Corsair Planter; or, Driven to Doom. A Tragical Tale of Southern Shores and Waters. December 13, 1882.

Locales: Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans, and the southern Gulf coast.

Dime Library, no. 198, Dime Library, no. 205, Dime Library, no. 210, and Dime Library, no. 216 are companion stories.


Sam S. Hall. The Serpent of El Paso; or, Frontier Frank, the Scout of the Rio Grande. December 20, 1882.

Indians and Mexicans, and trouble on the Texas border.


Mayne Reid. The Wild Huntress; or, The Big Squatter's Vengeance. December 27, 1882.

Originally published in London in 1861.

Time: After the War with Mexico. Place: Tennessee and across the plains to Colorado. Duel--captured by Indians--the end of the Saint.


Mark Wilton. The Scorpion Brothers; or, Mad Tom's Mission. January 3, 1883.

Locales: Arizona and Texas.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Specter Yacht; or, A Brother's Crime. The Romance of a Haunted Heart and a Havenless Cruise. January 10, 1883.

Found in: Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 653; Dime Library, no. 220.


Sam S. Hall. Desperate Duke, the Guadeloupe "Galoot;" or, The Angel of the Alamo City. January 17, 1883.

San Antonio, Texas. Cortina, the Scourge, plays an important part in the story.


Edward Willett. Bill, the Blizzard; or, Red Jack's Double Crime. A Story of the Mystery of Tenspot Gulch. January 24, 1883.

Mining town of "Apacheville." Bad men generally.


Mark Wilton. Canyon Dave, the Man of the Mountain; or, The Toughs of Silver Spur. January 31, 1883.

Sierra Nevadas, and some more bad men.


Prentiss Ingraham. Black Beard, the Buccaneer; or, The Curse of the Coast. A Romance of the Carolina Waters a Century Ago. February 7, 1883.

In the Carolinas while they were still ruled by Britain.


Sam S. Hall. Rocky Mountain Al; or, Nugget Nell, the Waif of the Range. A Story of New Mexico. February 14, 1883.

From New York to Mexico.


Frederick Whittaker. The Mad Huzzars; or, The O's and the Macs. A Story of Four Irish Soldiers of Fortune. February 21, 1883.

Ten miles from Rotterdam, in 1756, then to Berlin and the Seven Years War. "Three Musketeers" type of story.


Mark Wilton. Buckshot Ben, the Man-Hunter of Idaho; or, The Cactus Creek Tragedy. February 28, 1883.

Solving a mysterious murder in an Idaho mining town.


Mayne Reid. The Maroon. A Tale of Voodoo and Obeah. March 7, 1883.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 228; Dime Library, no. 1080.

Originally published in Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, in London, in 1862; later by George W. Carleton & Co., owners of the American copyright.

Jamaica before 1830. Slave trade--Obi priest--rich uncle and poor nephew.


William R. Eyster. Captain Cutsleeve; or, Touch-Me-Not, the Little Sport. A Romance of Glory Gulch. March 14, 1883.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 192, Dime Library, no. 229, Dime Library, no. 300, Dime Library, no. 333.

Southwestern Arizona. Usual formula--stage holdup, girl captured and rescued.


Frederick Whittaker. The Flying Dutchman of 1880; or, Who was Vanderdecken? A True Story told by the Survivors of the American Clipper "Spindrift." March 21, 1883.

A rattling good story of the Indian Ocean, told by six participants in the adventure.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Kid Glove Miner; or, The Magic Doctor of Golden Gulch. A Romance of the Gold Mines. March 28, 1883.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 231; Dime Library, no. 1087. Followed by Dime Library, no. 235.

A story of the Far West. Dr. Frank Powell was the "Magic Doctor."


Isaac Hawks. Orson Oxx, the Man of Iron; or, The River Mystery. A Tale of the Metropolis. April 4, 1883.

New York and New Jersey. Usual type of detective story of 50 years ago. Orson Oxx had never used tobacco or alcohol, hence his great strength.


Joseph E. Badger. The Old Boy of Tombstone; or, Wagering a Life on a Card. April 11, 1883.

Tombstone, Arizona, 1879. A prestidigitator of parts. Final retribution.


Mayne Reid. The Hunters' Feast. April 18, 1883.

Originally published in The Young Englishman's Journal in 1854.

An early nineteenth-century hunting expedition from St. Louis to the Southwest. Passenger pigeons, cougar, peccaries, bear, deer, buffalo, etc., in a paradise for hunters.


Prentiss Ingraham. Red Lightning, the Man of Chance; or, Flush Times in Golden Gulch. A Romance of Adventure and Mystery in Borderland. April 25, 1883.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 231.

Blond Bill and his band. "He chopped away the frail bridge and his whole gang went to perdition."


Thomas Hoyer Monstery. Champion Sam; or, The Monarchs of the Show. A Romance of the Circus and Prize-Rings. May 2, 1883.

New York City, then on the road with a circus during Civil War days. The character "Hoopler" was evidently intended for Barnum.


Mark Wilton. Long-Haired Max; or, The League of the Coast. A California Mystery. May 9, 1883.

California in 1855.


Anthony P. Morris. Hank Hound, the Crescent City Detective; or, The Owls of New Orleans. A Strange Life Drama of the Great City of the South. May 16, 1883.

New Orleans. Usual 1880 type of detective story.


Sam S. Hall. The Terrible Trio; or, The Angel of the Army. A Romance of the Lone Star State. May 23, 1883.

West Texas in the 1850's. Curious backwoods dialect.


Isaac Hawks. A Cool Head; or, Orson Oxx in Peril. A Tale of the Fire-Bugs. May 30, 1883.

A New York City and vicinity detective story.


Joseph E. Badger. Spitfire Saul, King of the Rustlers; or, Queen Dixie's Grand "Round-Up." June 6, 1883.

Rangers against rustlers in New Mexico.


Frederick Whittaker. The Fog Devil; or, The Shipper of the Flash. A Story of the Gloucester Trawlers. June 13, 1883.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the 1870's.


William F. Cody. The Pilgrim Sharp; or, The Soldier's Sweetheart. A True Story of the Overland Trail. June 20, 1883.

Kansas and the West in 1857. Danites, etc.


Sam S. Hall. Merciless Mart, the Man-Tiger of Missouri; or, The Waif of the Flood. June 27, 1883.

Date: About 185-. Locales: New Orleans and on the Missouri, about 100 miles from St. Louis. Mazeppa on a buffalo, Comanches, "Old Rocky," etc.


Mark Wilton. Barranca Bill, the Revolver Champion; or, The Witch of the Weeping Willows. A Story of Nevada. July 4, 1883.

Wild life in a silver mining camp. A story of twin brothers.


Prentiss Ingraham. Queen Helen, the Amazon of the Overland; or, The Ghouls of the Gold Mines. A Romance of Crime, Mystery, Adventure and Retribution in the Far West. July 11, 1883.

Outlaws, a holdup. Dr. Frank Powell, etc. in a mining town in the West.


Frederick Whittaker. Alligator Ike; or, The Secret of the Everglades. A Tale of the Outlaws of the Okeechobee. July 18, 1883.

Florida, about 1884-5. Wreckers and a man who wanted to set up a little kingdom of his own in the Everglades.


Edward Willett. Montana Nat, the Lion of Last Chance Camp. A Tale of Love and Tragedy in Montana. July 25, 1883.

A wild and wooly Western. Cheyenne to Montana in the palmy days.


Joseph E. Badger. Elephant Tom of Durango; or, Your Gold-Dust or Your Life. August 1, 1883.

Durango, Colorado, in the early days of mining. The "Triad" appears again.


Sam S. Hall. The Rough Riders; or, Sharp-Eye, the Seminole Scourge. August 8, 1883.

Near Brownsville, Texas, in 1861. Hanging the wrong man--Mexicans and Seminoles--bandits and rangers--a raid by Juan N. Cortina.


Philip S. Warne. Tiger Dick vs. Iron Despard; or, Every Man has His Match. An Account of the "Leetle Diffikilty" at Fool's Luck. August 15, 1883.

Sequence of tales: Dime Library, no. 29; Dime Library, no. 171; Dime Library, no. 251.

Bad men in a mining town, two factions, Judge Lynch's court.


Albert W. Aiken. The Wall Street Blood; or, Tick Tick, the Telegraph Girl. August 22, 1883.

Found in: Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 648; Dime Library, no. 252.


Frederick Whittaker. A Yankee Cossack; or, The Queen of the Nihilists. A Story of the Great Coronation at Moscow. August 29, 1883.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 253; Dime Library, no. 1081.

Death of Alexander II and reign of Alexander III.


Newton M. Curtis. Giant Jake, the Patrol of the Mountains. A Tale of the Champlain Hills. September 5, 1883.

Found in: American Tales, no. 76; Dime Library, no. 254.

Brought $10 at the O'Brien sale.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Pirate Priest; or, The Planter Gambler's Daughter, A Romance of Mystery and Adventure on the Gulf of Mexico Half a Century Ago. September 12, 1883.

Sequence of stories: Dime Library, no. 255; Dime Library, no. 259; Dime Library, no. 281.

"Is being a pirate so bad?" "Yes, it is pretty wicked." "What do they do?" "They rob and kill people on the seas." "It would not be wicked if they killed and robbed people on the land, then?" "O yes, it would."


Sam S. Hall. Double Dan, the Dastard; or, The Pirates of the Pecos. September 19, 1883.

Rio Brazos, Texas, 185--. Big Foot Wallace again appears.


Joseph E. Badger. Death-Trap Diggings; or, A Hard Man from 'Way Back. September 28, 1883.

A lucky strike--one too many--a dam blown up. "There has been foul murder done, but I have a clew."


Mark Wilton. Bullet Head, the Colorado Bravo; or, The Prisoners of the Death-Vault. October 3, 1883.

Colorado in 1881. Western detective story, vintage of the eighties.


Prentiss Ingraham. Cutlass and Cross; or, The Ghouls of the Sea. October 10, 1883.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 255; Dime Library, no. 259; Dime Library, no. 281.

Locales: Gulf of Mexico, the shores of the Mississippi sound, and New Orleans.


Anthony P. Morris. The Masked Mystery; or, The Black Crescent. A Romance of Baltimore. October' 17, 1883.

Found in: Saturday Journal/Star Journal (various title changes), no. 80; Dime Library, no. 260.


Jo Yards. Black Sam, the Prairie Thunderbolt; or, The Bandit-Hunters. A Tale of the Southwest Frontier. October 24, 1883.

Southwestern Texas, along the Rio Grande, about 1870. Cattle rustlers, prairie fire, William Tell outdone, secret stairways, Indians, etc.


Thomas Hoyer Monstery. Fighting Tom, the Terror of the Toughs. A Story of a Very Deceiving Young Man. October 31, 1883.

New York City at the time of the opening of the Brooklyn bridge.


Mark Wilton. Iron-Armed Abe, the Hunchback Destroyer; or, The Black Rider's Terror. A Tale of the City of the Desert. November 7, 1883.

Arizona. A physician is kidnapped and conducted to the mysterious City of the Desert, where he is asked to amputate the hand of a healthy girl.


Sam S. Hall. The Crooked Three; or, The Black Hearts of the Guadaloupe. November 14, 1883.

On the Rio Guadalupe, Texas, after the Mexican and before the Civil War. The story of a crooked card game, a lost fortune, and final retribution.


Frederick Whittaker. Old Double-Sword; or, Pilots and Pirates. A Tale of the Omnipresent Yankee in Far Eastern Seas. November 21, 1883.

Manners and customs in Japan, about 1870. In Japanese seas, Yokohama, a Japanese theater and a street fight.


Mark Wilton. Leopard Luke, the King of Horse-Thieves; or, The Swamp Squatter's Doom. November 28, 1883.

Missouri--wooed and cast off--accused of murder--a manhunt--a St. Louis detective--a modern Cain--the mystery solved.


Mayne Reid. The White Squaw. A Tale of the Land of Flowers. December 5, 1883.

Found in: Dime Novels, no. 155; Twenty Cent Novels, no. 12; Dime Library, no. 267.


William R. Eyster. Magic Mike, the Man of Frills; or, Bad Ben's Bad Brigade. A Story of the Labryinths at Walnut Bar. December 12, 1883.

Arizona in frontier days, with a stage holdup, a feigned abduction, gambling, and the usual accompaniments.


Sam S. Hall. The Bayou Bravo; or, The Terrible Trail. December 19, 1883.

Houston and Galveston, Texas, in the early days. Comanche Indians, tortures, plantation life, gambling, etc.


Ned Buntline. Andros, the Free Rover; or, The Pirate's Daughter. December 26, 1883.

Found in: American Tales, no. 92; Dime Library, no. 270; Dime Library, no. 1073.


Mark Wilton. Stonefist of Big Nugget Bend; or, Old Ketchum's Tug of War. The Story of a Queer Crusade. January 2, 1884.

Colorado, A "powerful" temperance crusader--an attempted lynching--a "fixed" duel--a plot for a mine--an abduction, etc.


Frederick Whittaker. Seth Slocum, Railroad Surveyor; or, The Secret of Sitting Bull. A Tale of the Great Northern Pacific Road-Building. January 9, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 272; Dime Library, no. 1074.

Brought $4 at the O'Brien sale.

Indian troubles while the railroad was being built.


Sam S. Hall. Mountain Mose, the Gorge Outlaw; or, Light Horse Lean's Five Fights for Life. January 16, 1884.

185-. Near Lynchburg, Virginia, then Texas. Abduction, rescue, the hatchet buried.


Edward Willett. Flush Fred, the Mississippi Sport; or, Tough Times in Tennessee. January 23, 1884.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 289.

River boats between Cincinnati and Memphis before the Civil War. Planters, gamblers, horse thieves, flatboatmen, etc.


J. D. Conroy. The Smuggler Cutter; or, The Cavern in the Cliff. A Sea and Shore Romance. January 30, 1884.

Found in: American Tales, no. 85; Dime Library, no. 275.

Originally published in England and reprinted by Brady as "The Rift and the Spray," in 1860. True author is M. J. Rymer.

A story of English smugglers in 1822.


Mark Wilton. Texas Chick, the Southwest Detective; or, Tiger-Lily, the Vulture Queen. February 6, 1884.

Texas. A wagon train fired by Indians, a band of outlaws with a woman captive, etc.


Frederick Whittaker. The Saucy Jane, Privateer; or, The Hunting of Old Ironsides. A Story of the War of 1812. February 13, 1884.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 284.

In West Indian waters during the War with England in 1812. "An American fleet of armed ships to act against the execrated 'Mother Country'." (The author was born in England.)


Howard Holmes. Hercules Goldspur, the Man of the Velvet Hand; or, The Poker Queen's Drop Game. A Romance of Idaho. February 20, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 278; Dime Library, no. 1082.

The inside sub-title reads: The Poker Queen's Deep Game. Along the Northern Pacific Railway in Idaho.


William H. Manning. The Gold-Dragon; or, The California-Bloodhound. A Story of Po-8, the Lone Highwayman. February 27, 1884.

Brought $3 at the O'Brien sale.

Robbery of a stagecoach near Fort Ross †, California, in 1877.


Philip S. Warne. Black-Hoss Ben; or, Tiger Dick's Lone Hand. A Tale of Wild Ranch Life. March 5, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 280; Dime Library, no. 1088.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 280; Dime Library, no. 299; Dime Library, no. 359; Dime Library, no. 380.

Wild life in New Mexico.


Prentiss Ingraham. The Sea Owl; or, The Lady Captain of the Gulf. A Romance of Piracy on the American Coast. March 12, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 281; Dime Library, no. 1075.

Sequence of the series: Dime Library, no. 255; Dime Library, no. 259; Dime Library, no. 281.

A story of piracy along the Gulf Coast.


Sam S. Hall. The Merciless Marauders; or, Chaparral Carl's Revenge. March 19, 1884.

"Oakville," on the Rio Frio, Texas, after Texas had been taken from Mexico by the United States. Cortina figures in the story.


Joseph E. Badger. Sleek Sam, the Devil of the Mines; or, The Sons of the Fiery Cross. March 26, 1884.

A Colorado mining town in the early 1870's. A secret society and a court of justice.


Frederick Whittaker. The Three Frigates; or, Old Ironsides' Revenge. April 2, 1884.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 277.

War of 1812. "The English no longer went into a sea fight with proud confidence . . . The prestige of success had vanished from their flag."


Mark Wilton. Lightning Bolt, the Canyon Terror; or, The Mountain Cat's Grudge. April 9, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 285; Dime Library, no. 1083.

Western Montana. A tale of a man who used an elk for a steed, and of a girl who operated a ferry. Indians, bad men, etc.


Joseph E. Badger. Pistol Johnny; or, One Man in a Thousand. An Account of the Big "Circus" at Tight Squeeze. April 16, 1884.

Out West in 1879. Stage coach robbers and suchlike.


Sam S. Hall. Dandy Dave and his Horse, White Stocking; or, Ducats or Death. A Story of Texan Treachery and Texan Honor. April 23, 1884.

San Antonio, Texas, in 185-. The Rio Medina. "Demonios Gringos, diablos Americanos, perfidies Texanos."


Anthony P. Morris. Electro Pete, the Man of Fire; or, The Wharf Rats of Locust Point. A Baltimore Detective Tale. April 30, 1884.

A story of Baltimore, when Whyte was mayor, and just before the incumbency of Latrobe, written by a man who knew the byways of that city.


Edward Willett. Flush Fred's Full Hand; or, Life and Strife in Louisiana. May 7, 1884.

Preceded by Dime Library, no. 274.

The Mississippi River and Louisiana before the Civil War.


Frederick Whittaker. The Lost Corvette; or, Blakeley's Last Cruise. A True Story of an Irish-American Sailor in 1814. May 14, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 290; Dime Library, no. 1076.

Galway coast, smugglers, and a confiscated estate. A Yankee ship off the Irish coast defeats three British ships. Tragic ending.


Mark Wilton. Horseshoe Hank, the Man of Big Luck; or, The Gold Brick of Idaho. May 21, 1884.

From Colorado to Idaho in 1882.


Joseph E. Badger. Moke Horner, the Boss Roustabout; or, The Fresh-Water Sharks of the Overflow.

A Romance of Mississippi River Life. May 28, 1884. River pirates on the Mississippi. New Orleans. Date: 1844.


Sam S. Hall. Stampede Steve; or; The Doom of the Double Face. June 4, 1884.

On the Rio Grande and Rio Guadalupe, Texas, in 185-.


Howard Holmes. Broadcloth Burt, the Denver Dandy; or, The Thirty Pards of Deadwood. June 11, 1884.

Deadwood, South Dakota, in 187-. Timothy Tenwives wanted an eleventh. He had a rope around his neck, faced two mobs and a former wife, was shot, and fell into a pit, yet lived through it all.


Frederick Whittaker. Old Cross-Eye, the Maverick Hunter; or, The Night Riders of Satanta County. June 18, 1884.

Found in: Dime Library, no. 295; Dime Library, no. 1092.

Followed by Dime Library, no. 303 and Dime Library, no. 310.

Brought $2 at the O'Brien sale.

A story about Texas cowboys, Indians and night-riders, and of trouble about fences on the range.


George St. George. Duncan, the Sea-Diver; or, The Coast Vultures. June 25, 1884.

The coast of Mexico. A feud between the pearl divers and the "Coast Vultures."


William H. Manning. Colorado Rube, the Strong Arm of Hotspur City; or, The Giant Brothers of Buzzard's Roost. July 2, 1884.

Gunnison Valley and Sugar Loaf Hill, Colorado.


Edward Willett. Logger Lem; or, Life and Peril in the Pine Woods. July 9, 1884.

† Followed by Dime Library, no. 54.

New York and Maine.


Philip S. Warne. Three of a Kind: Tiger Dick, Iron Despard and the Sportive Sport. July 16, 1884.

Sequence of series, Dime Library, no. 280; Dime Library, no. 299; Dime Library, no. 359 and Dime Library, no. 320.

Locale: Somewhere in Colorado.

† Correction made as per Volume 3.

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