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Dime Handbooks of Games and Pastimes



Captain Philip Petersen. Dime Guide to Swimming.

Deposited for copyright April 25, 1860, and advertised (1) May 26, 1860, by Irwin P. Beadle & Co., 141 William Street. The first edition is of small size, with buff wrappers, and with an engraving on the front. (Type I-Handbooks). There are 40 pages and several illustrations. Later editions have orange wrappers of the larger size and the title is elongated to "Dime Guide to Swimming, Embracing All the Rules of the Art for Both Sexes."


Henry Chadwick. Dime Book of Cricket.

Deposited for copyright May 8, 1860, and advertised (2) among other publications, June 2. Irwin P. Beadle & Co., Publishers, 141 William Street. The original edition has brown wrappers (Type I—HB), is 5 7/8 by 3 7/8 inches in size, and has 40 pages with illustrations of set-ups. Deposited for copyright, July 30, 1860.

The second edition has practically the same title page, but the outside cover has an engraving. It was copyrighted May 31, 1866, by Beadle & Co., 118 William Street, and was on sale June 2.(3) It has 50 pages. Usually the title page still retains the Irwin P. Beadle & Co. imprint. Still later, the title was changed to "Dime Book of Cricket and Football, being a Complete Guide to Players, and Containing All the Rules and Laws of the Ground and Game." The covers are yellow-orange with an engraving (Type IV-Handbooks), and there are 50 pages and four figures of set-ups. The copyright date was not changed. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street, were the publishers.


Miron J. Hazeltine, Chess editor of the "New York Clipper." Dime Chess Instructor.

This booklet was deposited for copyright December 15, 1860, and was put on sale the same day.(1) It was of the smaller size, with buff wrappers, and contained 50 pages (Type I-Handbooks). A later edition has orange wrappers with no engraving on the front (Type II-Handbooks), and is of the standard size with 80 pages plus two of advertisements and 14 figures. Beadle & Co., 141 William Street, was the publishers' imprint. It was again copyrighted in 1898 by James Sullivan and published by M. J. Ivers & Co., with an orange cover and 50 pages of text.


Edmund Routledge. Dime Hand-Book of Croquet. A Complete Guide to the Practice of the Game, Giving All the Rules Proposed by Various American Writers on the Game.

Deposited for copyright July 17, 1866, but already on sale July 7. Beadle & Co., Publishers, 118 William Street. The covers are orange with an engraving on the front (Type IV-Handbooks), and there is a frontispiece and twelve figures in the text. The pages number 28 plus four of advertisements.


Henry Chadwick. Dime Hand-Book of Yachting and Rowing. A Complete Manual of the Science and Practice of the Two Pastimes.

Deposited for copyright May 31, 1867, and put on sale June 1.(5) Illustrated orange wrappers (Type IV-Handbooks), 62 pages plus two of advertisements. Two figures in the text. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street, publishers.


Anonymous. Dime Hand-Book of Riding and Driving, Comprising Complete Rules for the Management of the Horse, under the Saddle and in Harness; also, a Special Chapter on Female Horsemanship.

Deposited for copyright June 7, 1867, and advertised(6) June 18. Beadle & Co., Publishers, 118 William Street. Illustrated orange covers (Type IV-Handbooks) and 32 pages of text.


Henry Chadwick. Dime Guide to Seating and Curling for Learners and Amateurs.

Deposited for copyright December 2, 1867, by Beadle & Co., 118 William Street. Illustrated orange covers (Type IV-Handbooks), 32 pages, without a frontispiece but with numerous figures in the text. The cover title reads "Curling and Skating."


Henry Chadwick. Dime Hand-Book of Pedestrianism. Giving the Rules for Training and Practice in Walking, Running, Leaping, Vaulting, etc., etc., together with a Full Account of the Great Weston Feat.

Deposited for copyright December 31, 1867, and previously advertised(7) as "In Press." (Type IV-Handbooks). Beadle & Co., 118 William Street.


Anonymous. Dime Book of Games. Comprising One Hundred Games, Forfeits, and Conundrums, for Social Parties and Home Amusements, Games for Children, Games for Young People, Games for the Middle-Aged, Games for the Aged.

Copyrighted in 1871 by Beadle & Co., 98 William Street. Illustrated orange covers (Type V-Handbooks) and 68 pages of text. This book was generally advertised as the "Book of 100 Games," which is the title on the wrapper. It was also included in the "Young People's Series" as No. 9.


Henry Chadwick. Handbook of Winter Sports, Embracing Skating, Rink-Ball, Curling, Ice-Boating and American Foot-Ball.

Copyrighted in 1879 by Beadle & Adams, 98 William Street. Specially engraved orange covers (Type VI-Handbooks), 59 pages plus one blank and six pages of advertising. The booklet carries advertisements of Peck & Snyder, dealers in sporting goods.


Captain Frederick Whittaker. Handbook of Summer Athletic Sports, Comprising Walking, Running, Jumping, Hare and Hounds, Bicycling, Archery, etc.

The title on the outside wrapper reads: "Handbook of Summer Sports, Pedestrianism, Running and Jumping, Bicycling, Archery, Hare and Hounds, etc." Copyrighted in 1880 by Beadle & Adams, 98 William Street. Specially engraved orange wrappers (Type VII-Handbooks), 64 pages plus two of advertisements. There are nine illustrations.


Dime Handbooks of Games and Pastimes


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